Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Five days and no end in sight

Another long night at Rosenblatt Stadium for me Tuesday, thanks to yet another major thunderstorm first delaying and then postponing the final four innings of Clemson Oklahoma to this afternoon. I can't emphasize enough how bizarre and unpredictable the weather situation has been here. The word is that we should have clear skies today, but there's no way of knowing if that's actually the case. South Carolina finished off Arizona State yesterday, meaning only one national seed remains in the final six and also that I'm here until at least Friday and quite possibly into next week.

FSU's Jimbo Fisher wants to "get a jump on the Gators and Hurricanes" by building an indoor practice facility. At the moment every SEC football school but Vanderbilt either has or is in the process of completing their own indoor facility. The absence of one doesn't seem to be hurting UF too badly, because most kids aren't that obsessed with where they'll practice if it rains during the recruiting process. If Fisher thinks that's going to be a big clincher argument for FSU, I think he'll be disappointed with the results.

Stephen Strasburg makes his fourth big league start today for the Washington Nationals. (It's against Kansas City, so he might throw a perfect game.) There's no question he's been brilliant thus far, with 32 strikeouts in 19.1 innings and a 1.86 ERA. Some people are now arguing for Strasburg to be an All-Star this season. Sorry, no sale. If the kid had begun the year with the team and had numbers like that, of course he's on the NL A-S squad. Even a month delay in bringing him up probably still gets him on if the production's the same. But a maximum of a half dozen terrific starts is not enough to give Strasburg that spot over someone else who's spent three months earning it.

I'd love to believe a Dutch paper's report that women are throwing themselves at Joran van der Sloot via love letters they're sending him in prison is untrue. It's probably completely legit though. This weird situation of women being so into these kind of guys has been around for decades now. LA's "Night Stalker" and Ted Bundy had plenty of females who wanted to be their brides too. I don't remember Aileen Wournos suddenly becoming any guy's dream bride when she was brought to justice - so why do some women dig these sickos so much? Are they the same ones who think vampires are super sexy?

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Justin said...

Keeping in mind a National HAS to be on the All-Star team, whom would you select?