Friday, September 10, 2010

As a compromise, I suggest burning A.J. Green's jersey

It's been bizarre the past couple of weeks hearing about this imbecile with his pseudo-church who's somehow made Gainesville the center of the storm for possible retaliation if he burns a Quran on 9/11. There's a chance the nonsense has now ended, but attention whores like this guy don't tend to stop once they get a taste of it. Hopefully everyone will be able to go to the USF-UF game and enjoy themselves without the circus impeding their ability to do that. I'll be covering Georgia at South Carolina at the same time, so I'll have to see how the Gators looked on the field later on. With the bodies they're getting back this week and last week's dose of humility that was served up, I anticipate a strong performance.

There are so many terrific games this weekend - it's the best one I can remember in years. Miami at Ohio State's the best pure matchup, and one I think the Canes are ready to win. I'd feel even better if their QB didn't think this was a stylish outfit to wear to class. Penn State at Alabama won't be that great of a game, not when the Nittany Lions start a true freshman QB against a Nick Saban defense. You should still read this column from Jay Paterno about the connection between Bear Bryant and his father. FSU at Oklahoma should tell us a lot about both teams - seems like the Seminoles have gotten an inordinate amount of hype for having put a bunch of points against Samford. One game that could easily get ugly is Oregon at Tennessee. It's never good when the head coach of an SEC squad is lamenting his team's lack of shower discipline to the general public.

The guy who bought A.J. Green's jersey for a thousand dollars says he he isn't an agent. Sure he set up interviews for multiple UNC players with agents, but where would you ever get the idea he's an agent himself? The south Florida party that unleashed a cloud of NCAA issues across the south has now led to South Carolina receiving an official letter of inquiry. Hard to say just yet what this means, but given a choice between operating under an NCAA cloud indefinitely or taking their medicine now most people would prefer getting it over with.

One time when I was working at WRUF in my student days, I was solo hosting an evening sports show when I saw former Pixies lead singer Frank Black walking down the hall with a guitar. Apparently he played a couple of songs on Rock 104 to promote his gig in town later that evening. By the time I was done with the show, he was already gone - a seriously disappointing missed opportunity. Frank and the rest of the Pixies tore it up last night in Charlotte. I may be deaf in my left ear today, but I can cross another band off my all time "musical acts I have to see play live someday" list. If you like the band and haven't checked out some of Black's post-Pixies work you should. A couple of personal favorites of mine are "I Don't Want to Hurt You" and "I'm Not Dead (I'm in Pittsburgh)". Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday - follow me on Twitter @heathradio for college football thoughts and other stuff between now and then.

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