Monday, September 27, 2010

Wish I could have seen Richt's reaction

Interesting Saturday in college football, with a few significant upsets and some excellent games. I enjoyed my first trip to Jordan-Hare Stadium as a media member rather than a ticket holder. It's a really good place to see a game, although the PA system operator's fixation with 80s rock is a little puzzling (multiple crowd sing-a-longs with Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" in the same night? Seriously?). South Carolina lost a game they easily could and probably should have won. Florida put the kind of beating on Kentucky that they should have put on Tennessee the week before. Lots of different things stand out from the weekend for me - here's some quick hits on a variety of topics...

1. Trey Burton's six touchdown night understandably got most of the attention after Florida's win over Kentucky, but there were other noteworthy developments. Andre Debose began to emerge as a factor in the offense, although I doubt having Frankie Hammond set picks on the guy covering Debose is going to reliably get him open against Bama. Robert Clark is someone who needs to see more opportunities with the ball going forward. He's shown the ability to make some tough catches. Beating the Crimson Tide is going to require being unpredictable - maybe UF won't actually have Brantley try to run option plays next week?

2. Imagine if Cam Newton was still at UF as a two headed QB with John Brantley. South Carolina knew Newton was going to take the ball right up the middle repeatedly, but they weren't able to control him with any consistency. Newton lacks accuracy down the field, but Auburn was so happy running the ball with him and throwing shorter stuff that they never bothered to do that. The Gamecocks have a good defense - if Newton could do that to them, he's got a shot against anybody.

3. Nothing sums up this nightmare of a season for Mark Richt better than the arrest of a freshman linebacker for DUI just hours after Georgia lost to Mississippi State. Richt's already kicked the kid off the team, presumably because he must be too dumb to boil water to do that after everything that's gone on in Athens. The Bulldogs get A.J. Green back this week, which will help them. They also get to play Colorado, which will really help. I still don't think Richt is in danger after this season, but there's legit anger out there among UGA fans right now. At minimum OC Mike Bobo may have to go after the season to cool some people down.

4. The guy a lot of Georgia fans would probably like to hire is Texas DC Will Muschamp. It's safe to say their demolition at the hands of UCLA wouldn't be a featured moment on his resume tape. The Longhorns have been overhyped based on what they did last season, but I never thought UCLA was going to be the one to expose them for what they really are. Nebraska's going to wreck them in mid-October.

5. UAB should have beaten Tennessee. The Blazer kicker missed five field goals, which proved to be the difference in the game, but UAB was the better overall team for 60 plus minutes in Knoxville. The Vols were 2-15 on third down at home against a midlevel Conference-USA team. Without any turnovers and with two overtimes to play in, they still mustered just 287 yards of offense. They're going to have a losing season unless they beat Georgia, because they aren't beating LSU, Bama or SC and there won't be much left to play the soft November once they try.

6 . Most people I know who are sports fans root for their teams to win. If the incessant commercials for one national sports bar chain are to be believed, the fans who watch games there don't actually cheer for teams but rather for games to go on forever so they don't have to leave the bar and go back to their pathetic lives. Seems like an odd way to try and convince people to come to your place.

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Matt said...

It was great to see Burton play so well, but after that showing you know Alabama is going to be ready for him. I'm not sure how effective he'll be against the Tide as a pure running threat unless we throw in a play action wrinkle early on to keep the defenders on their heels.

I thought that when Brantley actually slid at the line of scrimmage as defenders closed in on him on an option play that we would have seen the end of it. Sure enough even that sight wasn't enough to deter the coaches from running it again. If that won't stop them, I don't know what will. Hell, even the pass option plays are called with Brantley running to the left. Heath, if you talk to any of your Gainesville media friends this week, would you mind asking them to remind our staff that JB is actually right handed?

In all fairness the playcalling and personnel utilization was much improved on Saturday. I just hope they continue to build off of that this week, we're going to need all the help we can get in Tuscaloosa.