Friday, September 3, 2010

No more ads with Bergwood the Allstate tool! This season's already gotten better

Not a lot of stunners on day one of college football. South Carolina shredded Southern Miss and made a statement that Spurrier's offense does have legit playmaking talent now. The Wannstache lost a non-conference game in the first two weeks of the season, as he always does. Tim Brewster isn't fired effective immediately as Minnesota's coach after narrowly avoiding losing to Middle Tennessee State without their primary offensive weapon. Now it's on to the weekend, and things should be fun although it's not a great slate of games. I'm going to be in Atlanta for LSU versus whatever's left of UNC, and I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of the action with buddies during the afternoon. Here's a list of the ESPN games with announcers.

The NCAA finally gave someone a ruling on their part of the agent situation, with Alabama's Marcell Dareus getting two games. They also said it should have been four, but they reduced the suspension for "mitigating circumstances". Naturally Nick Saban says they'll appeal, because he doesn't want to not have Dareus against Penn State and thinks he should get whatever he wants. That's not what he actually said, but it is what he meant. We'll see what other rulings come down before the weekend, if any.

I'm writing this from the Williams-Brice Stadium press box, and since it's been a pretty full day i'm not planning on adding anything else to today's post. If something big does happen between now and the weekend, I'll add it in. Otherwise, enjoy your three day weekend and I will see you back here Tuesday. I'm sure I'll be sharing some thoughts on Twitter as we go - follow along @heathradio if you're interested.

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