Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Only three years from Tiffany and Debbie Gibson being eligible

Jacksonville's season is already in the tank, and their move to sign Trent Edwards tells you they're in panic mode. Edwards was cut by the horrible Buffalo Bills after he not only failed to succeed as their QB but also had the entire league pass on trading even a late round choice for him. Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio described the move to bring in Edwards as "like adding a draft pick", which is true if the draft pick is a stiff like Johnathan Quinn was for them in the second round. Surely this is the last season for Del Rio - eight years as coach of an NFL franchise and you've never won your division and won only one playoff game?
One of the minor issues to crop up earlier in the NFL season was Dez Bryant refusing to carry Roy Williams pads at training camp. The rookie wide receiver had to pay for that yesterday by being on the hook for a meal for his colleagues. Despite there being multiple Taco Cabana locations in the Dallas area, they instead opted for Pappas Bros. Steakhouse. The final tally on the night came to an astounding $54, 896. If every player on the roster came along and ate a 500 dollar steak, the bill still shouldn't have been that much. Guys must have been ordering shots of every liquor the bar has and then just pouring the ones they didn't like on the floor to amass a total like that. It's both impressive and nauseating at the same time.

The Big East is clearly the least impressive of the six conferences with automatic BCS bids. Even the ACC was able to win key head to head matchups between the two leagues, with NC State thumping Cincinnati, Miami dominating Pittsburgh and even UNC minus twelve guys over Rutgers. Whether it's because of fear of someone raiding them or concern that they may lose their automatic bid if they become the first conference to send an unranked team to the BCS, the New York Post claims the Big East is looking at adding TCU. The only way this makes sense is if it's for football and nothing else, because the costs of travel to Texas in nonrevenue sports will be prohibitive and it's already hard enough trying to make sense of a 16 team basketball conference.

The new list of nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is out. I was glad to see Tom Waits, who should have been inducted the second he was eligible, is finally on the list. Warren Zevon should be there too, but still isn't. Looking at the list, it's clear they're running low on strong contenders overall. Just because people have heard of Donna Summer doesn't make her influential. Donovan had some hits, but is "Mellow Yellow" really up there with the best of the best? I continue to believe they need to do this every two or three years instead of as an annual thing so more high quality artists care in the eligibility pool. Not sure if Ben Folds will ever have a shot at the R&R HOF unless he has some more "chart hits", but he's a terrific musician. Check out tracks from his new album "Lonely Avenue" on his Myspace page if you have time.

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