Friday, September 17, 2010

Florida 45, Tennessee 21

Sorry for no post yesterday - occasionally the personal life gets in the way. Expectations for this weekend in college football won't be anywhere close to what they were last week, but sometimes it's those kind of weekends that turn out terrific. Instead of a few five star games, we've got a lot of three star ones that have some potential. While the Furman - South Carolina matchup I'm scheduled to cover isn't one of them, Florida - Tennessee may be although it shouldn't. If Florida plays as they are capable, they should gut Tennessee like a fish.

The Vols likely won't have their starting center who's part of a line that isn't very good to begin with. Their quarterback is mediocre at best, and they lack proven performers at receiver. Other than Tauren Poole at tailback and Luke Stocker at tight end (who Matt Simms has thus far ignored) it's hard to find guys who qualify as special talents on offense. The Gators should be able to blow them off the line when UF has the ball - the Vol DTs and MLB are absurdly undersized. It's all up to UF. They can play sloppy and make things interesting, or they can play average and crush Tennessee. The Vols got a pep talk from Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, so they do have that going for them. Not sure how well that makes up for the NCAA knowing former UT assistant coach David Reaves committed a major violation by not reporting the Vol hostesses visit to Byrnes High after he was informed of it though.

Other games I'll have my eye on...

Arkansas at Georgia - Ryan Mallett's performance on the road has been garbage. Will that change? How much more will Georgia be willing to let Aaron Murray do now that they're desperate to avoid falling to 0-2 in the SEC?

Texas at Texas Tech - Texas hasn't impressed me at all with their performance in their first two games, and this is Garrett Gilbert's first road start. I was already thinking Tech had a decent shot at an upset before my buddy Chris Fallica, ESPN's college research guru, told me he believes it's coming too. Wish I had a better idea exactly how Tommy Tuberville will approach this one, but the Red Raiders definitely have a good shot.

Nebraska at Washington - What will Jake Locker do against a defense much better than most he normally sees? Will I still get a Heisman Trophy campaign postcard from UW even if his team falls to 1-2? Freshman QB Taylor Martinez is the guy I really want to see in this one. If he can produce on the road against a legit BCS team, Nebraska becomes a legit national title contender because their schedule's a joke from here on out other than the Texas game.

Clemson at Auburn - No one has any idea if Clemson can play, because they've opened with two junk teams. I expect an Auburn win, but I'm curious to see how they look while getting it after slowing their tempo last week against Miss State.

Sunday I'll be in Charlotte for what may be my only in person look at the Bucs this year as they take on the Carolina Panthers. My expectations aren't very high, but it will be good to get to check them out. If you're an NFL fan, you need to read this column with statistical analysis for this week from the Washington Post. It's very good stuff from the people at Football Outsiders.

I'll be active over the weekend on Twitter reacting to games and other stuff that catches my attention. Follow along @heathradio if you're so inclined. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday.

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