Friday, January 23, 2009

What is a "commode with legs"?

After ESPN's College Gameday came to Gainesville and aired the spring game as a virtual commercial for Florida, it was inevitable other schools would want the same kind of exposure. This year, Georgia gets to host Chris, Lee and Kirk. Bad choice by the network - they should be in Austin or Norman. UF had the returning Heisman winner and was a strong possibility to be number one in 2008 after winning a national title a year ago. UGA has the strong possibility of going to the Outback Bowl and only A.J. Green back of their star players. What's the hook for non Dawg fans to tune in?

It appears the Chicago Cubs are going to be sold for 900 million dollars to a guy who's not Mark Cuban. After the insider trading accusation it was assumed Cuban was out, which is a shame. He would have reinvigorated the mood around that team in a way no other new owner could. Hopefully the new owners are willing to spend the necessary money to fix Wrigley up rather than start complaining about the need for a new stadium in a couple of years.

Bob Knight says he's interested in coaching again. That would be a mistake. I enjoy when Knight is working a game for ESPN. He's at his best in that setting, not the studio stuff. No one disputes Knight's knowledge of the game or teaching skills, but the way he bailed out on his final Texas Tech team midseason should keep any school from seriously considering him. There's no scenario where Knight can recruit well enough to win big, especially considering the midseason ditching of the Red Raiders, so what would the point of a comeback be?

I'm fascinated at the fashion obsession some women have. From people trying to order the outfits the Obama daughters wore at the inauguration to extensive analysis of the new First Lady's wardrobe choices, this entire week has been about shopping for a certain segment of people. How over the top are some people about this stuff? There's actually been a huge surge of business for the man who created Aretha Franklin's hat. The Caddyshack line about a free bowl of soup coming with the hat seems to apply here. Silly women - why can't they learn to send money on the really important things, like the Merrill Lynch CEO's 87 thousand dollar rug? Have a good weekend - see you back here Monday.

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