Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Irony defined: Lingerie Bowl offends community by not showing enough skin

I'm not doing any coverage of the Super Bowl this year. This is the fourth one in a row I've missed. One of the things I've always enjoyed when I have gone is getting to see old friends on Radio Row. In some ways, it's always been like the annual sports radio convention. Not this year - apparently almost no one's there. I'd love to be in Tampa, but once the Panthers got throttled there's just no relevant angle in Columbia to justify the expense of being there for Steelers-Cardinals. No one seems to be to into this Super Bowl right now. Yesterday's media day was a slightly reduced version of the typical clown show and produced exactly no noteworthy news. Even the sixth (yeah, I was also amazed there'd been five) of the Lingerie Bowl has been called off.

As the economy takes a huge bite out of America's disposable income, a key NASCAR figure has stepped forward with a plan to help his sport: let's be less fan friendly! Bruton Smith, Chairman of Speedway Motorsports Inc., thinks races which aren't sold out should be blacked out on television to their local areas the way NFL games are. The two sports don't compare well - there are more than twice as many races as there are football games, and an NFL team's performance impacts their attendance while the entire NASCAR league plays at the same spot. It doesn't look like NASCAR's going to follow Bruton's suggestion, because doing so would be a PR disaster.

Every year while the NCAA tournament is going on, there are people making snide remarks about the NIT. Much like folks who get angry about the existence of the New Mexico Bowl, that seems silly to me. For some young teams, like UF last season, there is something to be gained from the experience of tournament preparation even if the event itself doesn't mean much. Last year, we saw the first ever CBI, which included teams with a losing record. Basically, it was a way for some schools to buy themselves more games if they really wanted to. Now, with the creation of the College Tournament, things have officially gotten ridiculous. The fact they think the fourth basketball postseason tourney needs a "selection committee" is the biggest punchline of the whole thing.

Kanye West has decided that's not a good enough name for him any longer. If you run into him at the Circle K, he'd appreciate it if you'd refer to him as "Martin Louis the King Junior". At least Prince went for a symbol with no pronunciation. If I embarassed myself on SNL as badly as Kanye did last year, I'd want to change my name too.

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