Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is the stuff called Rhesus pieces?

Today is decision day for everyone still weighing their NFL options. Percy Harvin is definitely gone, and everything I was hearing seemed to indicate Brandon Spikes would be too (UPDATE: He has decided to stay at UF now). A lot of people were caught off guard by the choices made in Norman Oklahoma yesterday. I'm stunned Sam Bradford has decided to stay when he might have been the number one overall pick. The quarterback could refine his on field game with another year and he still hasn't won a bowl, so maybe those things explain his choice. I'm not sure what stud Sooner TE Jermaine Gresham's thinking, but he was a likely first rounder and is sticking around too. Not doing so, likely in part because of Bradford's choice, is USC's Mark Sanchez. Time for Mitch Mustain to show if he can play or not.

I despise the fact the coaches poll is a component in the BCS, but at least there's a way to prevent someone manipulating the poll to serve their own interests. That's the fact the final ballots are publically released to the public, meaning coaches have to be accountable for what they vote for. So naturally, the head of the coaches association wants to get rid of that safeguard against irresponsible voting. Coaches supposedly feel they'd be more honest if their votes weren't revealed. Sure they would. It's a really stupid idea, one that hopefully goes nowhere.

A group in Orlando is trying to create the city's third bowl game, to be played at UCF's stadium. Orlando was creative with the two bowl game plan, something San Diego and New Orleans jumped on as well, but this would be seriously pushing it. The always bad traffic in Orlando is insane that time of year. Never in my life have I dealt with worse driving conditions at a sporting event than the week leading up to last year's Capital One Bowl. Plus, while breast cancer prevention is certainly a worthy cause, I can't imagine people will be too fired up about going to see their team play in the "Bowl For a Cure".

I've always felt the whole bet between two politicians thing was pretty cheesy. Just once I'd like to see them say "screw your stupid crabcakes, I'm talking cash - winner gets 1 percent of the loser city's gross tax revenue for the next year". This week Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl takes that weak shtick to a new level. He's "changing his name" to Luke Steelerstahl since the Steelers are playing Baltimore for a shot at the Super Bowl. That's really lame.

Be on the lookout for an escaped rhesus monkey in the Tampa Bay area. Don't worry if it's throwing feces, it's only because it's mad.

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