Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goodbye to one of the good guys

I expected Tony Dungy to call it quits in Indianapolis after this season, and he made it official Monday. He's going to be active in social work in the Tampa area now rather than spending Sundys on an NFL sideline. Dungy will be hugely missed, because he's a class act as well as a good football coach. It's easy to forget just how putrid the Bucs were for fifteen years prior to Dungy's hiring. He took them to the playoffs four times in six years, yet the Glazers fired him to bring in the classless clown currently ruining the franchise. Dungy will be in Canton in a few years. Gruden can go if he buys a ticket.

There was some panic yesterday thanks to a rumor about Tim Tebow having a serious injury, but his surgery was actually relatively minor. Two more days for Brandon Spikes and Percy Harvin to make their decisions about the NFL Draft - each has a good reason to go but could potentially improve their stock by staying as well.

Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday. Most of the coverage has focused on Rice finally getting in, but the part that fascinates me is that Henderson received 511 of 539 votes cast. That means there are 28 people who looked at the all-time stolen base leader (by 468!) and runs leader and said he wasn't worthy of Cooperstown. Their ballots should be taken away, because they're either voting with a personal agenda outside of a player's qualifications or they're completely incompetent. Either choice is unacceptable.

There's a lot of things the U.S. Marshals Service could and should be doing with their time. None of those things involve making sure Joe Buck, Tim McCarver and Troy Aikman have private escorts for their limos. Lord knows we wouldn't want Joe Buck to be late for his next lame commercial shoot.

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