Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does anyone take himself more seriously than John Feinstein?

Barack Obama isn't formally president yet, but various sports media continue to raise the question of whether he will do something to change the BCS once he steps into the Oval Office. To their credit, Obama and his people have been downplaying that talk and keeping their focus on the vastly more important issues this country faces. Hopefully that will continue in the face of ridiculous proposals by people like John Feinstein that Obama should invite not just Florida to the White House, but also Utah, USC, and Texas to say they were legit champions also. The problem with that plan is that THEY AREN'T. The system all those teams agreed to participate in ended with Florida holding the crystal football. There are lots of potential ways to improve the BCS, but pretending it didn't exist is not one of them.

No SEC basketball teams are in this week's edition of the coaches poll, the first time since at least 1992 that has happened. That may not matter much in the grand scheme of things, but it speaks volumes about how little people think of the conference this year. Having said that, Kentucky's Jodie Meeks wrecking Tennessee (in Knoxville) for a school record 54 points last night should change that soon. UF gets a very winnable game with Auburn tonight, and they'd better take adantage of it. The Tigers haven't beaten an SEC East team since January 2007.

While Florida waits to see what personnel losses they'll suffer to the NFL draft, Georgia is now down three players thanks to cornerback Asher Allen's choice to go pro yesterday. Allen isn't as big a loss as Stafford and Moreno, but he was an experienced corner and a decent return threat. The Bulldogs will have a lot of work to do if they plan to compete with UF next year.

It's no secret the newspaper business is in big trouble. I say this with no glee, because a lot of good friends of mine work for papers. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Rocky Mountain News are likely to shut down within the next few weeks. Rumblings continue that the Tampa Tribune, the paper I grew up reading, may become a web only or three day a week paper soon after the Super Bowl. Now, the Chicago Tribune is going to begin publishing in tabloid form. It's astounding just how quickly things fell apart, but the reality is the "dead tree" version of the business is going away very soon.

Perhaps Eddy Curry's former limo driver, who claims working for the Knicks center was a mind-blowingly bad job, can now apply for the supposed best job in the world. Australian tourism officials are offering someone the chance to make just over a hundred thousand bucks American, live on a beach island for six months, and spend a bunch of time snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef. Someone gets paid to shoot the photos in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue so there's room for debate about the best job thing, but it's still a pretty good deal.

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