Friday, November 27, 2009

Apparently at CU, it will be intramurals

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. Back to work for me, and unfortunately due to work I can't be at the Swamp to cover a historic UF-FSU game. It's always important, but you'll have to look a long time to find bigger storylines than UF's continued pursuit of an unbeaten season to stay alive for the national title, a final home game for Tim Tebow and Bobby Bowden's final trip to Florida Field. It'll be Greg Reid's first trip, but that's apparently no reason for FSU's MENSA candidate not to run his mouth. Hopefully someone will call him on his BS after the game, because he will be lucky to have 25 return yards for the game total. If UF plays at anything close to its normal levels, the game should not be in doubt. FSU does have athletes on offense though, and if UF starts screwing around a la Arkansas it could wind up looking like Texas's win over Texas A&M. Meanwhile, Jim Kelly's touting Tebow as the possible answer for Buffalo's quarterbacking woes. Kelly was much more the classic NFL gunner than Tebow appears to be, so this is an interesting endorsement.

One of the most fun things about this weekend is having two days of college football to work with. Alabama's at Auburn for their last game before next week's SEC title showdown - pretty savvy move by Nick Saban to get himself an extra day of prep time by agreeing to move the game to Friday. Dan Hawkins gets to coach against Nebraska today knowing he'll be back at Colorado no matter what happens. This means they couldn't afford his buyout and the program will drift aimlessly for another year with no chance of recruiting success. Go Buffs.

The BCS has suddenly mounted a publicity offensive to try and proclaim that their system is the most wonderfullest, super duper neato thing in all of recorded sports history. As an example of their PR brilliance, behold their website Playoff Problem. My favorite part is this quote...

"During the 11 years since the BCS was created, #1 has played #2 every year by BCS measurements."

That's right, they're BRAGGING that they have successfully matched number one and two according to THEIR OWN formula. Way to go guys - you avoided some sort of coup in your offices that put your number three in the national title game. Why not tout your ability to have gravity at every game while you're at it? This website is the stupidest thing I've seen in a while now. I assume this is supposed to help them with the pressure from Congress, because it's been clear for years they don't give a damn what the public thinks.

I'm guessing David Stern needed some Alka Seltzer over the holiday, and not because he got ahold of some bad dressing. First it was a report that 13 referees were actually involved in the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal, which the league has aggressively portrayed as a flukish incident with one rogue official. If you can't trust the word of a man named Jimmy "The Sheep" Battista looking to sell a book, who can you believe? A day later, Ron Artest and his sister were reported to be under investigation for welfare fraud. If this report is accurate, Artest is even more of a loser than I already thought he was. NBA Action - it's Fantastic!

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knobbed porgy said...

Extra snarky today. The holiday must have givin you some needed rest. Too bad you cant make it down this week it's sure to a great one.