Thursday, November 19, 2009

This rapid fire post brought to you by Time Warner Cable

Last night I sat down at my computer to begin working on this morning's post. Three minutes later, the internet and my cable TV went down completely for hours - second day in a row this has happened, although the other one was at 1 in the afternoon. Now that it's back, I wanted to crank out a quick post - never know, I might lose net access again in five minutes.

Florida picked up another early hoops win, this one over Georgia Southern, but the shooting continues to be an issue. Having seen the Eagles play in Columbia Monday night, I'm not surprised by how that game went. They uglied up things against Darrin Horn's squad and had the lead for awhile in the first half and weren't put away until after the break. At least UF has avoided a loss, unlike five SEC teams. That's ridiculous - the SEC has more teams with a loss right now than the ACC, Big East, Big 12 and Big Ten combined!

In keeping with the recurring theme of comments from family members never being helpful to sports figures, Ann Bowden popped off again in yesterday's USA Today...

"They'll have to fire him for him not to go another year... if they've got guts enough to do it, let them do it."

Brilliant job, Ann. Always a good idea to draw lines in the sand like that, and I'm sure FSU administrators just love being put in the position of having the public choice between firing Bowden or having guts. It apparently hasn't occurred to Ann that it will take a lot more guts for university officials dealing with a fan revolt to prop up her doddering husband as coach for another year than it would to tell him to go since he refuses to take a hint.

ESPN reportedly breathlessly yesterday that the Buffalo Bills had contacted Mike Shanahan about their open coaching job. Of course they have. Wake me when he shows the slightest inclination toward taking it. There will be huge competition to land elite free agent coaches like Shanahan and Bill Cowher this year. None of them are going to be foolish enough to close off any doors by taking a deal before they've played multiple teams against each other. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure I have about as good a shot of coaching the small market, talent deficient Bills next year as Shanahan does.

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