Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I may need to rethink my reluctance to begin Tweeting

On the list of things most people will be thinking about leading into South Carolina's game with Florida this week, Dorian Munroe getting injured again won't be one of them. Munroe looked ready to be a significant contributor for the Gators before tearing his ACL in 2008. To have the same knee get hurt three times in two years is just brutal, and I feel sorry for the kid. Munroe played a role in the 06 SEC Championship Game victory over Arkansas, so he'll always have that memory and some rings, but no one deserves to have their career end this way. Meanwhile, South Carolina had a tight end who dropped a pass in the end zone and missed multiple blocks due to a clear lack of effort against Arkansas proclaim he doesnt get the ball enough because Steve Spurrier Jr favors the receivers he coaches. Spurrier Jr was also coaching the receivers when this kid got twelve catches the first two weeks, but it seems no one is willing to pass up a conspiracy theory these days regardless of little details like that.

Firing season has officially begun in college football. The first name to go was Memphis head man Tommy West, and naturally Charlie Strong's name is being thrown around as one of the possible candidates. The word is that Memphis will likely try to land a "big name" first. Considering the basketball search earlier this year was so inept that it made people question whether you would trust these folks to successfully make a ham sandwich, I'm guessing they won't end up with one. West raised some excellent points as to why at his semi-farewell press conference. Like a lot of schools, Memphis wants to be big time but doesn't want to spend the money to do so. Their stadium's a dump, their practice facilities are well behind teams they compete with and the fan support has been spotty at best. Charlie wants a head coaching job badly but unless the school is willing to commit resources to solving those issues, he'd be the one at the podium saying goodbye in four years if he took the Memphis gig. I don't think that will be where he ends up.

Michael Vick's return to the NFL ranks as one of the most overhyped stories of recent years. None of the buildup to it was right - the protests were almost nonexistent, and Vick has made little difference for Philadelphia. The people who bought Vick Eagles jerseys have got to feel pretty silly, because he's been a virtual non entity. Now Vick's spoken out, making it clear he doesn't consider himself a Wildcat guy after not getting to do much this year. This bears repeating: Vick was a mediocre at best QB before his legal troubles. His raw athleticism has certainly peaked, meaning he'll have to rely on his weaker skills more and more. Anyone who expects him to become a successful NFL starter again is deluding themselves, Vick included.

I mentioned before that MLB held very little appeal for me this year. Between all the scandals and only around a dozen teams at most being relevant, it's just hard to find much reason to care unless you have a team you've been passionate about since you were a kid. If Mark Cuban was to buy the L.A. Dodgers, that would change. Cuban knows how to market himself and his team, and his inconoclastic ways would be a much needed shakeup for the sport. It's way too early to tell if the ongoing and extremely nasty divorce of the McCourts will lead to the Dodgers being sold, but I hope it does. Cuban's not perfect, but he'd be the perfect remedy for a league that's grown stale.

So this is what it's come to in the search for new ideas for material in Hollywood: the first sitcom based on a Twitter feed. The oneliners on "Shit My Dad Says" are generally pretty funny, but that's hardly enough material for a TV show. You can practically see Jerry Stiller's Seinfeld and King Of Queens characters saying the lines. I suppose I should just be glad someone didn't do an ALF Twitter feed and have them decide to remake the show based on that. If any entertainment folks are reading this blog, film rights are surprisingly still available.

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