Monday, November 23, 2009

Stupidity being punished makes me happy

Florida cruised against FIU, but the win didn't come cheap as A.J. Jones is out for at least FSU and maybe longer with an injured MCL in his knee. (Side note - actual question asked of me by a Gator beat reporter who shall remain nameless: "MCL's a tendon, right?" Umm, no. The L is for ligament.) The Gators are 21 point favorites over FSU. Can't say that I'd be in a hurry to give 21 with this team against anyone with offensive talent, but they should be able to win without sweating too much late.

It wasn't a weekend filled with great games, but there were memorable developments in college football. Saturday's LSU debacle at Ole Miss suddenly has people lining up to proclaim what an idiot Les Miles is. Some of us have been saying that for years. Miles got away with some incredibly stupid decision making in 2007, but even with the most talented team in the country he managed to lose two games. If he hadn't won a national title, he would be in grave danger of being fired. As it is, he makes 3.74 million a year and isn't going anywhere.

Another bad Notre Dame loss only further greases the skids for Charlie Weis to be ousted as coach. Classless behavior like his curt ending of the postgame interview with NBC's Alex Flanagan certainly isn't helping his case. Weis is capable of being a courteous, occasionally charming guy. He has done great charity work and has shown class in dealing with guys like Mark Herzlich when the BC linebacker got cancer. Why Weis thinks presenting himself in a braggart pseudo tough guy "Jersey jerk" persona helps him is a mystery, but it's a huge part of the reason he was on the hot seat so quickly even after signing that ridiculous contract. As for who's next, the Chicago Tribune takes a shot at presenting the list of possibilities. There's been a lot of chatter about TCU's Gary Patterson the last couple of days, but I still find it hard to believe they can do better than Brian Kelly.

Odds are you didn't notice that Georgia Southern fired their football coach Chris Hatcher over the weekend. He'd been there for three years. Whoever replaces him will be the fourth different head coach at the school in six seasons. Hatcher was an excellent coach at Valdosta State and then headed to Statesboro to continue their transition away from option offense that had begun the year before under the previous coach. For an FCS program like Georgia Southern to not give Hatcher even three full recruiting classes before dismissing him is absolutely insane. Can any school's AD and/or fans cope these days with the fact that college football success requires time to recruit and develop players?

Last week I mentioned Jerry Glanville's remarkable knack for wringing all kinds of attention and money out of a football career where he accomplished very little. Now he's got a role in an online football video game. Just imagine how much this guy would do stuff like this if he had actually been good at coaching.

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