Monday, November 9, 2009

Lionel Richie's Commodores would have had a better chance of scoring

I saw two full games of Vanderbilt football in person this season, and I still have not seen them score an offensive touchdown. Knowing firsthand how bad they were going in, I thought Florida might really put a pounding on them. While that didn't happen, when a team so clearly has zero chance of scoring I do think it dulls the other side's energy level at times. UF has got to figure out what they're trying to accomplish in the passing game, because the Commodores should not be sacking Tim Tebow four times and forcing him to struggle for a yard or two on several other plays. Something is getting lost between the playcall and the execution.

You have to feel for FSU quarterback Christian Ponder, who may well be out for the regular season due to injury. He was the only really bright light they've had in Tallahassee this season. Highly touted redshirt freshman E.J. Manuel has to try and fill Ponder's shoes. He's talented, but there's no way he's ready for what's ahead. The Seminoles are officially in serious danger of missing a bowl game this season.

A few other college football items, rapid fire style...

The people voting in the polls aren't even trying to make sense anymore. That's the only explanation for how a USC team with the exact same 7-2 record as Oregon who lost to the Ducks last week by 27 is ranked three spots ahead of them in the AP, and SIX in the coaches poll.

As that last item should have made clear yet again, the coaches shouldn't be voting. If they are allowed to vote, they have to be held accountable for their choices. The coaches don't like being stripped of their ability to pursue their own objectives without anyone knowing, but will continue releasing their final votes after the BCS made clear they'd be dropped from the ratings if they went through with the plan to go back to a secret poll next season.

What's the difference between the SEC and Big 12 this year? You won't be seeing any stories like this one in the Florida or Alabama papers. Texas fans have decided to poke fate right in the eye and dare it to do anything to them.

Mike Leach made a cameo appearance on Friday Night Lights. He's much better at portraying himself than most people I've seen try to do that.

Not doing as well on TV as Leach is whoever on the production side of the telecast of Richmond's loss to Villanova didn't realize his mic was on air. Apparently the production guy was in a hurry to get off work - I'm guessing he'll have a lot more down time in the very near future (language on that video is not for family/work consumption).

Remember Jeremy Tyler? He's the highly touted center from San Diego who had been planning on playing for Rick Pitino at Louisville for the 2010-11 season and then was expected to be the first pick in the NBA Draft. Then someone got the bright idea that he should blow off his senior year of high school as well as the year of college and go pro overseas now. He'd be making money and getting ready for the NBA, which is clearly much more important than experiencing your senior year of high school. Pete Thamel of the New York Times went to Israel to see how Tyler's doing. So far, he's miserable and the whole project is a disaster. Gee, who could have guessed that would happen? Hopefully other talented high schoolers will learn from this and do things the right way rather than go for a cash grab as a foreign pro, but history says that's not real likely to happen.

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