Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Press thinks Urban's the magic 8 Ball - ask the question until you get the desired answer

Urban Meyer has said multiple times that he will stay at Florida, including specifically saying he would never be the coach at Notre Dame. So naturally, with a critical game against UF's instate rival and then a 1 vs 2 SEC championship game ahead, Monday was time to ask him about Notre Dame again. Meyer revealed he has already accepted the job and will sign a seven year, 49 million dollar deal in two weeks. No wait, actually it turns out he said he's staying at Florida. Again. What a stunner - never could have guessed that would happen. Not sure why the Peter Kerasotises of this world want to harp on Meyer having acknowledged that at one point ND was his dream job while completely ignoring everything else he's ever said on the subject, but I'm sure they'll just dismiss this as him covering up his true intentions as well. Meyer turned down ND five years ago. Since then he's won two national titles, coached a Heisman winner (and may be about to add another to both of those lists), has terrific talent assembled and more on the way, and is really rich. Would anyone still pushing Meyer to ND nonsense care to explain exactly why ND would hold sway over him now after adding all of that to his original choice of UF?

Of all the Florida guys who will contend for college football's awards this year, I was happiest to see that Chas Henry made it as a Ray Guy finalist. Henry has become a terrific punter, a skill that's easy to undervalue until you don't have a reliable guy doing it. I voted for Henry as a first team FWAA All American, but since he hasn't punted more than four times in a game this year I thought that would lead to him being overlooked. Tim Tebow being a finalist for both the Maxwell and O'Brien awards makes it clear that he's still alive for the Heisman if he can put a big final two weeks together.

Reports out of South Bend indicate an irate Notre Dame fan took out his frustration over the team's disappointing season by punching quarterback Jimmy Clausen in the face. If this is accurate, it's both pathetic and stupid if the person is genuinely a Fighting Irish fan. Clausen's been terrific this season - without him, Notre Dame would be lucky to have more than three wins. It's generally suspected he'll look to go pro, but there's a chance he could return. I'm guessing this kind of treatment doesn't increase the odds of Clausen sticking around, which they desperately need him to do. Considering Clausen's backup is a senior and his projected successor Dayne Crist recently suffered a major knee injury and may not even be ready at the start of next season, ND's about to have a major problem awaiting the next coach.

The Miami Dolphins are set up for a potentially nice second half run this season, but they'll have to depend on Ricky Williams to play at the same level he did against the Panthers if that's going to happen. You'll notice I didn't a "high" level - that's a bad word for Ricky. One thing about Williams that clearly hasn't changed is his New Age medicine fixation - check out how he deals with ankle pain....

``Ricky will send me a text message saying, for example, to work on his ankle,'' O'Hara said. O'Hara, in Orange County, Calif., will then ``visualize Ricky's ankle as if he's standing in front of me. I visualize him glowing. I make a sweeping motion over my ankle to remove the dirty energy from his ankle that's creating an abnormality and give his body fresh, revitalizing energy.''

Umm, okay. Hard to believe the Dolphins even feel they need team doctors anymore when this guy can do it by phone in five minutes.

David Hale of the Macon Telegraph's Bulldogs Blog is always worth reading if you're interested in what's going on in Athens. He outdoes himself with this post illustrating just how messed up things are and have been the last two years for Mark Richt's team. Changes have to come, even if they beat Georgia Tech somehow. The questions are how many will there be and whether they'll be embraced by Richt or this turns out to be the beginning of the end for him like Fulmer's coaching shakeups at Tennessee proved to be. Fascinating times are ahead in Georgia football.

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