Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best signing day names: Jose Jose and Munchie Legeaux

Now that Signing Day has come and gone, a few things stand out. If ratings mean anything, then the Big Ten is in serious trouble in the years ahead. When three fourths of your conference is signing classes ranked 32 or lower, that's not a good sign. UF signed 12 top 100 players by itself, while the entire Big Ten mustered 13. I know Miami feels like they can recruit most of their talent from there in the south Florida area and win, but unless they have done a great job at discovering underhyped players it sure seems like they're struggling badly right now - only four signees ranked higher than three stars and no Top 100's at all? When Miami made its official visit to megahyped offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson, the kid left Randy Shannon waiting for an hour and a half because he was getting his hair braided. (The sense of entitlement chronicled in that article is exactly why I can't stand what a circus recruiting has turned into.)

As for Florida, the big haul they expected did come in with no negative surprises. Now Urban Meyer will step away for some rest time, although he did flat out say during an interview with ESPNU that he would be coaching UF in the fall. That might have been in response to ESPN's Todd McShay (who has apparently added psychic to his nonexistent supposed scouting skills) saying there was a "strong possibility" Meyer wouldn't do so. It appears McShay has missed everything that's happened since the Sugar Bowl, perhaps because he's been so busy offering to trash Tim Tebow for tips outside the Bristol Quickie Mart.

The Super Bowl reportedly may be transitioning from Roman numerals in the future. It's expected to be announced today that next year for the 45th version of the game the logo will feature both modern and Roman numerals. Apparently this is all being prompted by the impending 50th edition of the game, since no one wants to have to explain what Super Bowl L is all about. The over the top quality of the Roman numerals in a lot of ways symbolizes what the game is about though - I'm not sure this will catch on.

For sheer weirdness, this story's hard to top. You've heard about guys who pretend to be cops and pull people over, right? This nut in L.A. apparently not only pretended to be a US Marshal, he successfully deported a cousin's wife to the Philippines. Most disconcerting is that the guy apparently used his crackerjack box "badge" to get past airport security in San Diego and escort his prisoner to her plane. Even crazier, he showed up for police questioning and thought wearing his "federal agent" t-shirt would fool them. This whole thing sounds like some sort of rejected sitcom script.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if Seantrel Henderson wanted to avoid being around "fake coaches"...he sure picked one to play for at Southern Cal.