Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maybe he can transfer to Illinois

Want to know why I tend to be a skeptic on recruiting? Take a look at Jeremy Fowler's piece on the Orlando Sentinel about Florida defensive tackle Gary Brown's arrest over the weekend. Quoting him...

"Brown, a former Greensboro West Gadsden star, did not see the field for Florida in 2009 but was a coveted recruit in the 2009 class. ESPN and Scout.com ranked Brown the second-best prep defensive tackle in the country that year. Brown entered fall camp out of shape and displayed a poor work ethic that resulted in a season watching from the sidelines."

So Brown is a kid who has thus far succeeded in only bringing bad publicity to the program that landed him while demonstrating the kind of entitlement issues that so many of these "big deal" recruits have. On signing day, he was a "must get" guy though, like the great Ernie Badeaux. You'll have to forgive me for not buying in on recruiting mania.

Not sure why Joker Phillips thinks he has credibility to call out anyone in the SEC just yet, but the new Kentucky coach decided to call his shot about Florida's future decline post Tebow. From an interview with CBS Sports.com's Dennis Dodd...

"Obviously, Florida won't be the same."

"(Tebow) could play anywhere. He's a coach on the field. He's one of those guys who rarely comes around. Now with him being gone you hope that they take a step back. They will, definitely, in leadership."

Interesting talk from the coordinator of the nation's 93rd ranked offense in 2009. I'm sure Urban Meyer appreciates the help motivating his guys for this year's game, and you can count on that leadership quote being a staple of the offseason.

There's an old joke about a man going up to heaven and seeing a guy dressed in a houndstooth hat leading a football practice. When the guy sees the man in the hat, he asks St. Peter if that's Bear Bryant. Peter responds, "No, that's God. He only thinks he's Bear Bryant." Now a look at Facebook fan groups indicates it's not a joke. While God has the most members of fanpages in almost every southern state, Nick Saban has more fans than him in Alabama. Meanwhile, exactly what is supposed to be so wonderful about Starbucks that Florida people have that above everything else in the entire world? (Caribou Coffee's better if you are looking to spend too much for a hot drink, by the way.)

Tiger Woods has still given no sign of when and where he'll resurface, but anyone and everyone else remotely associated with his scandal continues to seek the spotlight. Just yesterday another of his supposed mistresses claimed he got her pregnant twice, and there will doubtless be many more of those kind of cash grab stories in the future. The one that actually annoyed me was GM's Vice Chairman claiming Tiger wasn't a good endorser for the Buick brand. He thinks part of the problem was they didn't have Tiger "say the right things". Here's a hint, Sherlock: he shouldn't have been saying he was driving a Buick. Young, incredibly rich people don't drive Buicks. Everyone in America knew without a huge check coming his way Tiger wouldn't be caught dead in one, which made the ads ineffective. Taking a shot at the guy now, particularly when it was your poor decision making that led to the campaign failing, is classless and foolish.

I should have posted this on the blog yesterday to brighten up your Monday. Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips getting his groove on in Miami would be funny on its own. Him coaching other dancers on the way to do the YMCA dance with him makes it comedy gold.

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