Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wouldn't have thought the standards for getting on my radio show were tougher than the ones for Sportscenter

A report out of St. Louis indicates Tampa Bay may have interest in bringing in Marc Bulger as a backup QB/mentor to Josh Freeman. If Bulger is willing to accept that role, I'm okay with it. I'm skeptical that's really the case though, and I've never particularly been a fan of Bulger as an NFL QB. The only thing the Bucs can accomplish this season is to continue to try and get Freeman ready so that if the defense is ever successfully rebuilt the team has a quarterback capable of leading them somewhere. Freeman's got the tools but has suspect decision making skills on the field, so he could use help from a veteran with the right mindset. Get a Jeff Garcia who's going to leak to the press almost immediately that everyone in the locker room supposedly wants him to be the QB and you've got a mess on your hands.

One fundamental rule of sports is that if it's televised, someone will bet on it. Much like last week with Tiger's press conference, there are odds for an atypical event available for the next few days. People are wagering on the outcomes of testing at the NFL Combine. If you've got a strong opinion on Tim Tebow's 40 time versus Colt McCoy's of Joe Haden's versus Eric Berry's, be my guest.

New USF football coach Skip Holtz has made his first post recruiting statement by kicking running back Mike Ford off the team. This is a good sign for Bulls fans, because under Jim Leavitt the program's reputation was that they were willing to overlook a lot if you could play. Michigan State's an example of a program that through the years has tried to build something with a group of turds. Talented turds in many cases, but still turds. If you have a team made up of guys who don't have character, it will show itself - just as it has in East Lansing over and over with meltdowns in critical situations and embarassing public episodes. USF's fans deserve better than being Florida's version of that program, and it seems like Holtz is on the right track to changing that.

Brooks of Sports By Brooks reports ESPN sources say Tony Kornheiser has been informed he can not criticize ANY ESPN employee in any forum. If so, that's absurd. For example, let's say someone did something as foolish as letting an imposter who was pretending to be Brian Westbrook go live on the air via phone without verifying it was actually him. Is Kornheiser not allowed to mention that on his radio show? Because if so, yesterday he was the only host not on ESPN Radio nationally that didn't. If Kornheiser has a guest on PTI that misses every prediction he makes, is he allowed to make note of that? Where's the line drawn? ESPN knows what Kornheiser's about, which makes this all the more absurd. You can't put a piranha in the tank and then wonder why he eats the other fish.

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