Monday, February 22, 2010

Maybe Tiger's caddy can have his own videogame

Tiger's speech the other day was about what I'd anticipated going into it. Playing up the Buddhism angle was a little surprising, as was not giving any indication of a return schedule, but otherwise it was pretty standard stuff. I particularly liked when Tiger exhorted us not to blame Elin for this, because whenever a guy gets caught cheating with a a dozen or two other women I think all of our reactions are naturally to blame his wife. Whenever Tiger does resurface on the course, it appears his caddy is planning on taking his tough guy act to the next level. I'm not sure what Steve Williams thinks he can do to hecklers, but I'd love to see the jerk pick up an assault rap considering some of his previous antics.

Oregon football is suddenly in meltdown mode. There's been a string of problems, and not just the fairly typical underage drinking or DUI type stuff. We're talking multiple assaults, and now Ducks coach Chip Kelly has kicked a player off the team. Wide receiver Jamere Holland, the player in question, has not been accused of a crime. He did lash out at coach Kelly in a Facebook message, then followed it up with a declaration that he wanted to block any white people from being his friend on Facebook. Classy and brainy to boot - sounds like Holland should have no trouble finding people at another school to take him for a year. Holland actually wanted to come to UF when he looked to transfer from USC, but the Gator coaches said no. It would appear they made the correct call on that one. As for Kelly, the fact that violent crimes haven't led to dismissals but Facebook criticism of him did speaks volumes about where his priorities are.

The NFL is making Bryant McKinnie reimburse the league for his Pro Bowl expenses and will not give him a check considering he blew off the game. That's a good start, but this shouldn't be the end of the story. McKinnie campaigned for fans to vote him into the game, then showed zero appreciation or respect for the honor. So far McKinnie has not been fined or suspended. He should be both - otherwise, guys will be pulling the same stunt next year because no one actually wants to play in the Pro Bowl.

In my last post, I was sort of joking about seeing if anything else in Gainesville had been torn down during my drive through on the way to Tampa. I then learned the next day that Jack's Bar downtown is apparently about to be toast as well. This is starting to get ridiculous. Jack's was never my number one hangout, but it wasnt a bad place to go have some beverages and just talk with friends. Other than Market Street and Durty Nelly's, it was pretty much the only non-restaurant I'd go to down there. It blows me away how much change has occurred in just the past eighteen months. Beef's near my house had a recent ownership change and looks completely different, my buddy Kyle just sold his Wing Zone, and several other spots I used to frequent are gone altogether. With that in mind, if you haven't checked out Adam's Rib or Mother's Pub I encourage you to do so. Adam and TJ, the guys who own those two establishments, are good guys and friends of mine. As far as I know both places are doing well, and I want them to stay that way so they're still there when I go back.

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Nice shout-out, Heath. Mother's is great. I haven't been since I left Gville last May but the place was on the up-and-up. They did an awesome job for St. Patty's day. Great food, great drink specials, great customet service. That guy knows how to run a bar.