Thursday, February 18, 2010

SC also no longer recognizes law of gravity

Tiger Woods is going to prove he's still alive and on this planet tomorrow. He will appear and read a statement to cameras, while refusing not only to take any questions but to even allow the reporters at the event to be in the same room as him. The arrogance on display here makes it pretty clear Woods still doesn't have a clue about the level of damage that's been done to his status with the public. There is no way he's going to be able to put this fiasco behind him without facing some inquiries he won't enjoy. Does he have the right to refuse to come clean about his actions? Sure - but no corporation is likely to want an arrogant serial adulterer as their spokesman anytime soon. Whether Tiger likes it or not, that's his image until he does something to change it eventually. Getting on the course again and winning will help, but even that's not going to be enough by itself.

Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett is out with a broken foot for three to four months. As long as he doesn't have any further problems with it, he'll be healed long before the football season starts. It's still an issue though - no starting QB for all of spring drills is going to keep the Razorbacks from making much progress on offense. Lot of people have the Razorbacks pegged as this year's hot team to make a move in the SEC, and Mallett's presence was the main reason why. This may cool off that hype enough to keep them from being this season's Ole Miss.

The state of South Carolina is 112 miles from Florida on Interstate 95. Days like today make it feel more like 112 light years away. A state represenative has introduced a bill that would declare the American dollar no longer valid as currency in the state. After all, that whole "secede from the Union" thing worked out so well the first time. I'm sure lots of prominent businesses would respond enthusiastically to the idea of having to operate like prospectors in the old west if they had interests in South Carolina. There's a reason the Daily Show loves this place.

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