Thursday, April 29, 2010

As a UK football coach's wife, she's used to finishing 8th

I spent Wednesday covering the buildup to the PGA Tour's Quail Hollow Championship. It was interesting to hear from Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods within half an hour of each other. Tiger seemed fairly relaxed, but seeing him in person I do believe the rumors he had to have some degree of cosmetic surgery done to repair the damage caused the evening of his slow speed car crash. His face looks different than it did when I saw him at the same event, and it's not just the goatee. Mickelson was most interesting talking about his desire to win a US Open, pretty much laying it out there that victory at Pebble Beach is his main goal this year. For whatever it's worth, no one seems interested in heckling Tiger but the crowds are not the same. They're still huge, but it's more polite applause and curiosity than it is fan support from a large portion of the gallery following him.

Since I was on the road in Charlotte, I didn't find out until last night about former UF broadcaster Steve Babik officially pleading guilty to the child pornography charges against him. It wasn't a surprise, as there had been indications last week a plea was coming, but it does make it official that Babik was in fact a child porn viewer and distributed it as well. It was mind blowing for all of us who had dealt with Babik when this came down half a year ago, and it still is. I was never friends with him, but if I had a kid I wouldn't have been scared to leave him/her with Steve if it was necessary to have someone look after them. It's disturbing to have known someone firsthand who was able to mask evil like that, even though you know such people exist. Hopefully they'll give him a lengthy sentence - five years isn't enough.

On a list of stories I didn't expect to see about SEC football, the National Enquirer claiming Dale Earnhardt, Jr has stolen a Kentucky assistant coach's wife would be pretty high. Apparently Junior just wanted to win something. He's the single one, so I doubt this story will cost him too much PR wise with the NASCAR fanbase.

Conan O'Brien's eventual return to television fulltime will be on TBS, but Sunday he'll be seen for the first time since his NBC departure on CBS. 60 Minutes gets the first interview with him, which will probably surprise a lot of people who assumed it would be Letterman. I'll be curious to see how much they show of his current tour, which is apparently doing very well despite being a very unusual, almost vaudeville style format. Just to reiterate in case anyone has forgotten, Jay Leno's show is not funny. It airs immediately after my wife's sportscast so I wind up seeing the first couple of minutes occasionally - absolutely awful.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Keeping up your perfect record of bringing us the news from Gainesville

Himal (UF Alumni living in Columbia, SC) said...

No way, I didn't realize you were married to Mandy Mitchell!! Just recently been following your blog and I am an avid listener on 107.5 The Game. I actually met you a couple of times when you were touring the Applebees around Columbia. Keep up the great work!!!