Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hope it was good stuff, Aaron

The Boston Globe reports UF tight end Aaron Hernandez fell to the fourth round of the draft because of at least one positive marijuana test at Florida. This shouldn't surprise anyone, but there have been people throughout the past month asking what the "character questions" scouting reports kept alluding to about Hernandez were. Just because someone hasn't been arrested doesn't mean they're not a character question. An unfortunate side effect of this combined with Urban Meyer's refusal to acknowledge the reasons for suspensions (or that there even is a suspension, for that matter) is that outsiders are likely to conclude every player who's "not ready to play" in the future tested positive when that isn't necessarily the case.

On a related note, former UF WR Nyan Boateng was one of just four players actually stupid enough to test positive for drugs at the combine. When you can't lay off even as that test is coming, you've definitely got issues. There were definite reasons why Boateng got the boot. Louis Murphy came in as part of the same first Urban Meyer recruiting class and struggled at first before getting his act together. He won a national title his senior year and is a starter for Oakland. Boateng bailed out to Cal rather than straighten up and went undrafted. There's a lesson to be learned there.

Looks like Georgia's QB situation may be about to get even worse. My friend Chuck Oliver reported on Atlanta's 680 the Fan yesterday that Logan Gray is expected to announce his plans to transfer by the end of the week. That would leave Mark Richt's team with just one scholarship quarterback that has ever practiced with the team as they head into fall, and just two total once this year's signee arrives. UGA's trying to change Gray's mind, but if he isn't the starter coming out of spring what reason does he have to believe he'll pass redshirt Aaron Murray in the fall? Meanwhile another Bulldogs walkon embarassed the progam by getting arrested - fun times in Athens these days.

Yesterday I chronicled the bonehead radio host on a sports station in Boston who compared the draft night party at Tim Tebow's house to "a Nazi rally". (The Nazis were mostly known for watching TV together with some potato chips, after all. That's before "Flavor of Love" came along so you know they'd be even more into it now.) "Toucher" has now "apologized", and in doing so proceeded to insult everyone's intelligence again. He waited until the end of his four hour program and then noted his comments on Tebow Friday had "ended up offending some people"...

“I truly, truly can tell you that was not my intention. I apologize to you that were offended."

How about apologizing to Tebow's family for comparing them to Nazis, jackass? Feel free to explain what "intention" you actually had that didn't involve offending people while calling folks Nazis for having around a dozen whites in their home. Is there some sort of stupidity virus spreading in the sports radio field this week? A Dallas host has been suspended for getting hammered and posting threats to the NBA office on his Twitter feed and referring to "dirty Mexicans" in San Antonio. Looks like today's the Mountain time zone's turn to have a host do something idiotic.


Anonymous said...

Comparing Tim Tebow and his family to Nazis is ridiculous considering how the Nazis had a devastating air attack.

Anonymous said...

Still writing for that Gators site? Still can't shake your love for Florida and find something else to write about I guess.