Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's a miracle Dave Bliss isn't coaching again

Two days before the NFL draft, there's all kinds of free flowing BS from teams trying to put stuff over on the other franchises. Tim Tebow met with Denver yesterday, which many around the league are interpreting as a smokescreen to disguise their true objective. Tebow still hasn't made a final decision about going to the draft, which seems to bother some people. I don't see any reason for him to do so, but if he does then that's fine as long as he's not going to be bothered by possibly coming back for day 2 if he isn't a first rounder. Here are a couple of articles to ponder, one documenting some of the absurd questions these prospects have been asked in the leadup to this event and the other making the argument that players from non-BCS schools are undervalued in the drafting process.

College basketball is apparently about to prove again that no matter what a coach does there will always be someone willing to give him another shot if they think he can win. Rutgers is apparently going to bring in Jim O'Brien as their basketball coach. This is a guy who got Ohio State put on probation in his last job. He lied to his AD about a lawsuit which led to a huge embarrassment for the school (google "Boban Savovic" and "Kathleen Salyers" if you want to know more). Like all head coaches, O'Brien had no idea something sleazy was going on in his program - it's always those darn assistants who are responsible. If O'Brien was dirty at a place with the appeal of Ohio State, what's he going to do in the Big East at a program that's been destroyed through incompetence? He'll either lose big, cheat or cheat and still lose big. There's no way this will end well for Rutgers.

If you've ever been to Las Vegas, you've seen the promotions for the various shows out there. There are signs on cabs, billboards, huge marquees and sometimes even stickers on the entire sides of resorts devoted to touting that venue's featured performer. Just imagine that you're rolling down the Strip, weighing your options - Garth Brooks at the Wynn, Jerry Seinfeld at Caesars, Carrot Top at Luxor, half a dozen Cirque de Soleil shows at various outlets, and Terry Bradshaw. Yeah, that Terry Bradshaw. He tells USA Today he's working on a one man stage show for Vegas. I know Terry did some albums in the 70s, he's been in Cannonball Run 2 and had that nude scene in Failure to Launch. None of that adds up to a Vegas headlining gig, especially when sixty bucks is about the cheapest ticket you can get. If this happens, Frank Caliendo (another Vegas headliner) will have his easiest season ever doing his comedy picks segment on the Fox NFL pregame show.

Science is always marching forward, making progress on solving the great problems of our times. Take, for example, the perplexing challenge of learning how to launch hot dogs even farther and faster out of a mascot's cannon at a baseball game. Thanks to the addition of nitrogen technology to the Phillie Phanatic's weaponry, it's now possible. Now if they could do something about what's in the actual hot dogs, we'd be getting somewhere. I'm still a much bigger fan of the t-shirt launch, because inevitably one of the hot dogs shot into the crowd comes out of its wrapper and showers the fans with pieces of processed "meat" and bun.

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