Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now Santonio Holmes must really feel bad

Miami's trade for Brandon Marshall was a daring one that has potential to be a move that works out well for both teams. Marshall has been given a gigantic deal, so there's no reason he should be anything less than committed to succeeding in Miami. When he's been interested, he's produced like crazy. Curiously though, none of his 100 yard games last season came in a Denver win. As long as Marshall stays healthy and produces in meaningful games, this will have been worth the two second rounders. Early second round picks have gone way up in value though, especially in a year like this. Denver did better to get an early second rounder than they would have to get pick 30 because the second rounder is very close in talent but makes a lot less. Teams will be trying hard to trade into those spots to scoop up players they felt were first rounders that have dropped. The Broncos can do a lot with Miami's two picks, much more than they were expected to get for a receiver the whole league knew they needed to deal.

Florida basketball continues to look for guard help, with a possible transfer from Rutgers emerging as one of the options to give it to them. Mike Rosario seems like he'd be a helpful player, but he'd have to sit out a year and thus would be no help for the backcourt issues next season. Billy Donovan's going to find a late addition who can be more productive there than Nimrod Tishman was last year, not that doing that's a terribly big challenge.

Can anyone explain why ESPN insists on putting out a Joe Lunardi "Bracketology" look at next season? It's always been stupid to do it this early considering we don't know who went pro or not, which recruits signed with which teams, or even what the various schools schedules are. At this point though, we don't even know the size of the tournament! Wouldn't it seem helpful to wait until we know how many teams will get in to begin projecting them?

Darren Rovell of CNBC has found another curious item for the truly rabid sports fan. How's a toaster that produces the logo of whatever pro team you want sound? Who among us has not longed to pour some syrup on a Columbus Blue Jackets logo in the morning?

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