Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today's forecast calls for lame

Everyone knew all season that Kentucky basketball was going to lose a huge chunk of this year's team. Now it seems the damage will be more substantial than originally anticipated. Yesterday backup center Daniel Orton was reported to be the first Wildcat going pro. He was recently touted as the 13th best college draft prospect by the L.A. Times, so it's not a giant surprise. What is surprising is his dad taking shots on the way out the door at the way his son was used at UK...

"If he had played more, he would have made DeMarcus (Cousins) look bad."

Dad also thinks his son, who averaged a robust 3 points and 3 boards per game this season, "might be a top five pick".

On top of the Orton silliness comes word bench performer Darnell Dodson reportedly will leave Kentucky as well, although whether it's for the draft or something else is not entirely clear right now. Kentucky may be down to just four returning players, and DeAndre Liggins appears to be the star of the group they have coming back. That's not good at all.

Oregon's still looking for a basketball coach after getting the brushoff from a host of names including Billy Donovan. John Canzano of the Portland Oregonian has inside info on what's happening with the search, but how he got it is what's amusing. Apparently acting Ducks AD Pat Kilkenny changed his cel phone number at some point in the past few months. That's news to a variety of powerbrokers and hangers on who've been making the unfortunate woman who got the number next's life unpleasant the past few days as they lobby for different candidates. One drawback of texting - you never know who's actually gettting the messages.

Vanity Fair has a big sleazefest story coming out in their latest issue that features photos and interviews of four members in the Tiger Woods scandal cast of vixens. While checking in on that, I learned the magazine also has co-sponsored a poll with CBS's 60 Minutes program. One of the assorted issues they chose to examine was how those surveyed could cope with the idea of a gay president. Inexplicably, after asking about two other government roles it then asks about the possibility of an openly gay MLB Commissioner. 61 percent of those surveyed said they were okay with it, none of whom were MLB owners. Keep in mind that by all indications we will never have a true commissioner of the sport again. To get the role under that scenario a guy would have to have been an openly gay aspiring owner who got approved to purchase a team and later won the support of his colleagues for the commissioner job. Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes might as well have asked whether fans would support a space alien as Bud Selig's replacement, because there's a better chance of that happening.

Don't forget that today's April Fool's Day, one of my least favorite days of the year. For every clever prank someone pulls, there are going to be twenty morons sending text messages with things like "Urban Meyer is quitting for real this time OMG". Don't be that guy. Already Texas Motor Speedway spent two days wasting time with an unfunny publicity stunt, and there are sure to be lots of similar routines today. Given the speed at which things can spread on Twitter and Facebook, there'll probably be more of it than ever. Woohoo.

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