Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life's too short to worry about certain things

Alabama is looking at facing Texas Tech in Jerry Jones's Dallas palace to open the 2012 season. If this does come to fruition, as it certainly appears likely to do, it would be the third time in five years that the Crimson Tide has opened at a neutral site. Nick Saban clearly has his sights set on doing some Texas recruiting, otherwise this move wouldn't make sense. With Yankee Stadium and Fedex Field in D.C. also hosting college games this year in addition to the annual Atlanta opener, this appears to be becoming a significant trend. Florida might not feel the need to ever participate considering the way they recruit and sell out every home game already, but I suspect other SEC schools will want to start looking seriously at doing this more regularly soon.

Tennessee offensive lineman Aaron Douglas bailed out on his team last week, depriving the Volunteers of their top returning guy up front. The move was puzzling since Douglas seemed to be on track for a likely shot at the NFL with another year of quality performance like last season. A few days ago I was told by a college football insider that the rumored reason Douglas quit was because he had decided he wants to be a rapper. Looks like that might really be the case. I hope the kid's the next Jay-Z, because otherwise he's made an incredibly poor decision. There's just no explaining what goes on in guys heads sometimes. I suspect Douglas will return to the game eventually, but probably not in Knoxville.

I've never been a believer in the "all publicity is good publicity" mantra the way some people are. Jesse James is more famous today than he was prior to his cheating on Sandra Bullock becoming the tabloids reason to exist this month. I doubt he feels the added exposure was a good thing. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, seems to be reaping benefits from his nightmarish last half a year. Inexplicably, sales of Tiger branded gear are up eight percent from where they were a year ago. The suspicion was that women would refuse to buy Tiger gear due to his exploits - never mind. There's a story in the latest Vanity Fair that features even more embarassing claims about Tiger's supposed extramarital adventures - maybe even more people will want to buy his logo hat after that hits newsstands.

It mystifies me how many people on both sides of the political aisle not only are hyperpartisan but assume that everyone they know is as well. Yesterday I got an email telling me I should be livid about comments by Matthew Modine regarding Osama Bin Laden. You can read them if you want at the link, but why would you care? It's Matthew freaking Modine. I can't imagine there's one soul who voted for Obama based on his suggestion, just as no one voted for John McCain based on the support of country singer Trace Adkins. This just in: some celebrities are dunces, just like plenty of non-celebs are. If you want to spend time being angry about every little thing someone semi-famous says or does that's not in agreement with your views, that's your business. I'll take a pass, so please don't ask me to share your angst.

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