Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some people are just not lucky

Dan Werner's final basket at the O'Connell Center was for the opponent, and largely provided the points for them to win (officially Ogilvy was credited with the bucket on Werner's tip in). That kind of cruel twist of fate doesn't happen very often, but the karma dispenser for Werner is apparently broken. Watching him feels like a real life version of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football and Lucy yanking it away at the last minute. For Florida things now become extremely shaky for the tournament, barring a shocking win at Kentucky. I still think they can get in with two wins in Nashville. Even one MIGHT do it, but it will be a very nervous Sunday if that's all they get. There's no escaping one simple fact: the last two years this team has lost road games at Georgia and South Carolina. Win any of the four, and they're in the tournament. If they don't make it this season, those games will be the reason why.

Savvy move by the Tampa Bay Rays to bring back Rocco Baldelli as a special assistant. He should be in the prime of his career right now, but despite being 28 various physical ailments have rendered Baldelli unable to play. The guy was a solid big league performer before his mitochondrial disorder threw his career off course, and his perspective as a guy who came up through the organization can be invaluable when it comes to counseling young players. It's good PR as well. Very smart decision by Tampa Bay management - wish I could say that about any of the teams more often.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Rutgers has emerged as the Big ten's number one target for expansion, followed by Missouri. Apparently they think adding Rutgers will make New York City a Big Ten town. They're delusional if they believe that, as they'll learn the hard way. Missouri makes a lot more sense as a new conference member, but if they don't come after them there will be a huge sigh of relief coming from the Big 12. The Tribune also says two Big Ten sources believe the main reason for expansion is so that conference Commissioner Jim Delany can add another accomplishment to his legacy. Even for an egomaniac like Delany, that's hard for me to believe.

Former Kentucky football coach Guy Morriss probably tipped us all off to the fact he wasn't too bright when he left the SEC to take over at Baylor. (No one's left an SEC head coaching job for another school in decades except for him and Lane Kiffin.) After getting canned at Baylor, Morriss has moved down the food chain to Texas A&M-Commerce. He's back on the radar because of some disgraceful and imbecilic behavior by members of his football team. The school's student newspaper had a report on team members being arrested in a drug bust, so players decided a good way to handle the situation was for them to take and destroy all the papers so no one could read about it. (Apparently they haven't heard of the internet yet.) So what did Morriss have to say for his guys? He called it "the best team building exercise we have ever done" and said he was proud of them. Simply put, he should be ex-coach Guy Morriss immediately. If he's actually so dense he doesn't understand this behavior was both pointless (since it attracted vastly more attention to the story) and illegal (mass paper grabbings have been both going on, and considered theft when they have, for eons) then Morriss doesn't have any business being a supposed "molder of young men".

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