Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time for things to get interesting

Good morning from Nashville, where Florida puts its basketball season on the line against Auburn today. It'll likely be a close game, as all UF's seem to be this season, but I suspect there'll be a reason for me to be here tomorrow. Only had a little time to spend on today's blog, but didn't want to miss a day.

The latest chapter in the insanely excessive scrutiny of Tim Tebow leading up the draft is his Wonderlic score. Tebow got a 22, which is unremarkable. An average person apparently scores a 21, and most of the QBs in this draft were within a couple of answers of Tebow's total. Your headline: TIM TEBOW SCORES BELOW AVERAGE! Apparently the average QB does a 24. Wow, two whole correct answers below average. I'm sure Tebow's success or failure in the NFL will prove to have hinged on this test. The Wonderlic is a tool for evaluation, but it does not measure anything close to all the categories necessary to succeed in the league. Tebow's score aside, it's been clear for awhile that there's virtually no correlation between Wonderlic scores amd anything that follows in the pros. People have got to ease up on the Tebow stuff - between this and the absurd complaints about him doing an autograph signing for cash last week, we've gotten bogged down in nonsense. Let the guy play, and judge accordingly.

Sad news for Dolphin fans, as Jim Mandich reveals he's dealing with cancer and will give up his sports talk show in Miami. Mandich is as distinctive as it gets on NFL radio broadcasts these days, and even though he screams over the play by play guy all the time it works. There had been some speculation that Mandich's recent absence from his show was related to the Dolphin rights being grabbed by Clear Channel. Clearly that was not the case, and I certainly hope Mandich will be well enough to call the Dolphins games this fall.

I always enjoy reading the Onion, because they have a true knack for satirizing the absurdities of both news coverage and daily life. Sometimes there are people who don't grasp that Onion stories are a joke, which is how Chinese news organizations actually wound up reporting that Congress was threatening to leave Washington unless they got a new Capitol building with a retractable dome and luxury boxes. When I heard about the proposal to bar restaurants in New York from using any salt in food preparation, I honestly thought it had to be a similar situation. No one could possibly be stupid enough to attempt to ban restaurants from using a staple of cooking all over the world for centuries. Turns out I was wrong. I understand people are trying to make our population healthier, but this is the kind of nonsense that leads to the creation of the Heart Attack Grill in response.

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