Monday, March 8, 2010

Back in action

Word is out that Tim Tebow will work out specifically for the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills after his general workout at UF's Pro Day next week. Both teams would make a lot of sense as possible destinations, particularly Buffalo. Remember, Jim Kelly has endorsed Tebow as a QB option and the city was willing to embrace T.O. for a year in the pursuit of winning. The franchise needs to sell tickets, and they need hope. If Tebow goes in there and runs over some people, that will fit perfectly with Buffalo's self image as a blue collar town.

I normally stay away from NASCAR here on the blog, but what Carl Edwards did Sunday can't be ignored. There's no getting around the fact he could have easily killed someone, be it Brad Keselowksi or a fan, because he was pitching a temper tantrum. This crap is unacceptable, which is why it amazes me that some people are arguing that docking him 100 points is an adequate penalty. Will that hurt Edwards in the standings? Of course, but that's not good enough. He should sit the next race to make it clear to everyone that while there's always going to be some bumping out on the track you can not take it to that level he did on a speedway like Atlanta.

Another automatic bid will be awarded tonight to the winner of Wofford and Appalachian State's game in the Southern Conference tournament. I went to the night session of this Saturday, and it was fun to experience an event like that from a different perspective than I get from the SEC tourney. The schools in the SoCon know the only way they're getting into the NCAA field is to win, and they play like it. The fans were having a great time and it wasn't anywhere near as corporate feeling as the SEC. Check tonight's game out - both teams are pretty good.

You likely didn't feel there was a sports parallel in Sandra Bullock winning the Best Actress Oscar last night. I disagree. It's ridiculous that she won, of course. No one in the building, Bullock included, believes she gave a better performance than Meryl Streep in whatever movie Streep is nominated for this year. So why did Bullock win? Because she's likeable, and has made a bunch of money for studios with successful pictures, and there's a strong chance she'll never get a shot at the award again. Meanwhile Streep has won just two Academy Awards, none since 1982. Basically, Bullock is Karl Malone or Charles Barkley. Michael Jordan won 5 MVPs, but he should have at least three more and maybe more than that. He was the MVP of every year he played in the 90s, but voters wanted to throw other guys a bone so they ignored the facts and did what they felt like. It's stupid, but it happens all the time which is why anything we can do to minimize the impact of voting in sports is a great thing. As for Bullock, turns out she could have had Big Baby Davis of the Celtics as a co-star.

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