Friday, March 19, 2010

All suggestions for good Oklahoma City sports bars are welcome

Florida's stay in the NCAA Tournament turned out to be just one game. Frustrating as it was for Gator fans to watch, I think there are positives they can take from their double overtime loss to BYU that might be greater than if they had gotten a victory. They were dead at the end of that game. I don't know how much it came across on TV, but Parsons clearly didn't have the same lift on his jumper late in the game. Kenny Boynton was exhausted, and both of them visibly limped off the podium after the press conference. Playing K State in front of a huge pro-Wildcat crowd coming off a game where three starters played forty minutes or more and no one less than 33 would have been a blueprint for disaster. This way Florida's players have the frustration of that final close game to motivate them all through the offseason to find ways to make next season not have so many of them. I suspect that will be more helpful than an easily excusable beatdown would have. Can't plagiarize myself from the stories I wrote for after the game under the terms of my contract with them, so I'll have to leave it at that here.

The first day of the tournament was terrific, which we deserved after last year's whole event was pretty lame. It drives home again how wide open this field is, because there just aren't many good teams. The committee did a bad job seeding teams, and nothing proved it more than the six seeds. Tennessee was 14th in the RPI and had wins over the top two teams in the field, while Notre Dame was 49th and Marquette 50th. Somehow the pro-Big East zealots on the committee concluded they all deserved the same seed. UT's still around, while both of the Big East frauds are gone. With Georgetown getting embarassed by an Ohio team that was seeded ninth in the MAC and Villanova barely escaping Robert Morris in overtime, it would seem the Big East has just about locked up biggest disappointment status for this year.

I don't spend much time on, but that may have to change. Yesterday they broke a story about Oklahoma basketball star Tiny Gallon receiving three thousand dollars from an agent that had people here in OKC going crazy on the radio. Meanwhile, when I went to read the story I got to see this trash - the woman Sandra Bullock's husband supposedly had an affair with doing a photoshoot dressed as a Nazi. Hopefully I won't need to go to TMZ again anytime soon. (Bullock's husband Jesse James is not only an idiot for cheating on her, he appears to have the worst taste in mistresses of anyone in the history of the planet.)

It appears alleged superstar tailback Bryce Brown will in fact leave Tennessee, likely in favor of Kansas State. Good thing Lane Kiffin committed multiple violations to sign Brown, huh? I didn't see a lot of evidence that Brown was a special player last year, and now this move confirms he's not. Just another example of how recruiting hype doesn't ensure you'll get a player who can back up his press clippings. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday morning.

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Anonymous said...

I would try the Bricktown section of OKC. It's about 3 blocks from the Ford Center. There are a few decent (but not spectacular) sports bars there.