Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If Nantz had called Miracle On Ice: "The USA's on their way" said in slightly raised voice

Can't ask for much more than what we got out of that NCAA Championship game, although if that last shot had gone down for Butler it would have officially been the best tournament of all time. As it was, a Duke team that was favored by 7-8 points was never covering the spread at any point in the entire game, which should drive home just how extraordinary this one was. Now it remains to be seen whether we will get anymore 65 team fields or not, and whether the tournament will stay with CBS or be scooped up by someone else. Even if the games stay where they are, it's time to get Jim Nantz off the title game. "Duke is king of the dance"?! After that game, with a half court shot to win bouncing off the rim, THAT is what you say? I guess Nantz felt like since he'd gone to the trouble of writing his lame line, he should deliver it no matter what. I'm not even asking for Gus Johnson, but the drama of the title game deserves and demands someone who's capable of some genuine enthusiasm at some point. I've heard people reading back takeout orders sound more excited than Nantz did while calling one of the best championship games ever.

Even more annoying than Nantz was what CBS did to One Shining Moment. With one of the most highlight filled tournaments ever, we got lots of shots of Jennifer Hudson singing the song instead of clips of basketball. How hard would it have been in the production of the video to think "Hmmm.... Jennifer Hudson OSM apperances 5, Northern Iowa 1 - maybe something's a little off here". They showed Hudson singing "The ball is tipped" instead of THE BALL BEING TIPPED! The lady can sing (although Luther Vandross's version is better) but that was ridiculous.

I appreciate those of you who've begun following and interacting on the new Twitter feed at heathradio. I send out some stuff of my own, but also pass along interesting notes and breaking news as I learn of them. Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports gave me one to send out last night with the scoop that Clemson's Oliver Purnell is taking the head coaching spot at DePaul. I can't begin to do justice to how bizarre this is. Purnell has spent years building Clemson to the point they're signing top talent like Milton Jennings and Noel Johnson. Why leave that behind to take over a program that is a train wreck? Despite lots of different names being pursued, no head coach has left a "BCS" caliber job for another one that's not an elite gig since John Beilein from WVU to Michigan three years ago. How did DePaul convince Purnell to do it? If it's not obscene money, this makes no sense. I wonder if former Purnell and Billy Donovan assistant Shaka Smart gets a call for Clemson's job, because there's definitely not an obvious fit out there for it right now.

I'm at Augusta National today to watch some practice rounds and get my first look at the course. We'll see what things are like now that Tigermania day one has wrapped up. I won't rehash his answers, but there were some things that surprised me about the press conference. No one asked about where (or if) Woods would play again after the Masters. No one asked if he had anything to say to the women who've claimed involvement with him. The porno tramp that's blasting away at him says she wants an apology - why not give her one? All in all, it was a much better performance than anything Woods had put on post-fiasco to this point. We'll see how he handles things going forward.

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Anonymous said...

great job heath, you called the outcome before it happened last night. you even wrote that Butler needed to hold duke to under 60. cant get any closer than you did.