Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Knucklehead Postulate resurfaces

Great Monday Night Football game last night - too bad the only thing most people will be talking about today is the bonehead play by rookie Philadelphia receiver DeSean Jackson. If you missed it somehow, he caught a long bomb from Donovan McNabb but failed to wait until he was actually in the end zone before dropping the ball and beginning his touchdown dance. As ESPN pointed out, Jackson pulled a similar stunt in a high school All-Star game and apparently learned nothing from the experience. I cite again what I have said on air for years: people who are knuckleheads tend to remain knuckleheads.

College football's a great sport, but perfect examples of what's wrong with it turned up in both my mailbox and my inbox yesterday. My Chase Daniel for Heisman Viewmaster is here, which is particularly amusing since I don't have a Heisman Trophy vote (though I am a Football Writers Association member). The inbox had word that I could begin voting for college football's coach of the year tomorrow. Looks like your winner's going to be Skip Holtz. Sure we've played less than a quarter of the season, but isn't coach of the year the main question on everyone's mind?

I can't imagine what it's like being a Raiders fan these days. Oakland supposedly will keep Lane Kiffin as coach for now, despite Al Davis yet again having either threatened to fire or attempted to coerce a resignation out of Kiffin. This used to be one of the signature organizations in pro sports. Now the Raiders aren't just a joke, they're as bad as one of the jokes in those painfully unfunny Bill Gates - Jerry Seinfeld ads.

You may have noticed I've posted a couple of pictures on the blog this past week. I'll keep doing that every now and then, but I promise you none will be of me. First of all I hate being photographed. More importantly, that way there's no chance I'll ever wind up like Chris Cooley of the Redskins, who's apologizing for accidentally showing his package on the web.

MTV is killing off TRL (the show to blame for Carson Daly among other things) after ten years on the air. I honestly can't believe anyone can still watch that channel, and this show was a big part of where the slide into the astounding mess it is now began. I had no idea it was still on. Back in high school I watched plenty of MTV, and enjoyed ridiculous videos like Simple Minds "All The Things She Said". Change isn't always progress.

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