Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let's Go Buffs

There will be college football tonight, with Colorado hosting West Virginia in a pretty interesting game (and as the song goes, "CU must win!"). Unfortunately, there was last night as well. Why were BCS coference members like Kansas State and Louisville playing on a Wednesday? I can reluctantly buy Thursday as a weekend kickoff for schools looking for exposure, but Friday was a bad idea thanks to high school football conflicts and Wednesday is worse. No kid dreams of playing college football on Wednesday nights. I've seen first hand this year what a pain Thursday games are for a fanbase, and Wednesday only makes the problems with things like time off from your job worse.

Suddenly people who have never watched Josh Howard play a second of basketball are talking about him. That's because the Dallas Mavericks player said something really stupid on a video that was then posted on youtube. This is a guy who's already proudly acknowledged being a pot smoker this year. It's safe to say he's not the sharpest crayon in the box. Yesterday despite everything happening in sports right now (MLB playoff chase, pro and college football, Ryder Cup, etc), multiple times on national shows I heard people discussing this like it was a vitally important issue. You guessed it - they were outraged! Some guy almost no one outside of Dallas cares about said something stupid - I'm betting America will pull through. There are more critical things to worry about, like Idaho's cheerleader uniforms being too revealing for some people.

Former UF softball player Jenn Brown has been added to the lineup of Showtime's Inside the NFL. She'll do a weekly feature for them. Between her and former Dazzler Kristina Akra working for the Patriots, UF has an outstanding chance of having the NFL version of Erin Andrews be a Gator alum as well. Hopefully, like Erin, they'll do their jobs well and also avoid encounters with sexist drug addict clowns like Artie Lange.

The movie The Express, telling the story of legendary Syracuse running back Ernie Davis, is coming out in October. As part of the buildup to the release, a statue of Davis was unveiled a few days ago. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact he's wearing Nike shoes, which would have been sort of difficult seeing as he died in 1963. Lame marketing - just do it!

Speaking of the movies, last night I went to see Kevin Smith speak here in Columbia. The director and writer had answered questions from the audience for over three hours (and may still be doing so for all I know) when I had to leave. He was funny and down to earth while dealing with some seriously disturbing people mixed in with the normal ones asking questions. There are some major league losers in this town, but Smith was great. I've always been a fan and am even more of one having seen him in person.

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