Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Next question!

Sorry not to have had anything new here for you yesterday. Had to cover Steve Spurrier's press conference for the Georgia game, and things have definitely changed. No zingers, no clever lines or even much distinctive at all from the Ballcoach. I think he's looking around the SEC and realizing there's a good shot he has his first losing season ever brewing. It's got to be killing him.

There are some stories I have argued with other media types for years about the necessity of doing. Asking a coach "would you take the job at School X?" is a waste of time, unless the coach is unemployed and desperate for publicity (which is why you'll see articles in mid-November detailing things like how Gary Barnett supposedly has always thought New Mexico State football is a sleeping giant). Also in that same class of stupid is asking players if they'll go pro or not. It puts the guy who's asked in an unfair position - they can't say yes and come off as selfish, but to say anything else likely means lying. Despite that, someone insisted on asking Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody the question. Shockingly, he claims he's staying. Of course he is - get back to me on that in January.

Missouri is trying to win quarterback Chase Daniel the Heisman, and they're spending fifty thousand bucks campaigning for it. What was their brilliant idea? Send the Heisman voters View Masters! Each week they'll send them a new reel with "three dimensional" images of Daniel playing QB. While I'm sure Beano Cook will be excited about the cool new technology, I suspect the voters not still living in 1978 will be less than wowed by this promotion.

I meant to link to this Monday. Andrew Carter of the Orlando Sentinel details how that "contract extension" for basketball coach Leonard Hamilton that FSU revealed right before signing day last year was completely made up. It was a ridiculous idea to extend Hamilton, so I'm not surprised. The recruit who picked FSU over Kentucky probably is, though.

Lots of college football games don't attract much attention, hence I was blissfully unaware of Arkansas State's 83-10 pummeling of Texas Southern before now. For one store owner, that game was sort of a problem. That's because he had a promotion going that made all Arkansas State stuff 73 percent off since that's how much they won by. Whoops!

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