Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beaver roundup - say what?

It was a lot of fun being back on the Star 99.5 for the Gator Nation Tailgate Show (5-7 PM this Saturday, barring Hanna elated issues which don't seem likely at the moment). The first weekend of college football is in the books, and a few things stand out immediately.

1. The ACC is a bad joke at this point. No game all season will damage any team or conference more than Clemson's humiliation by Alabama. When the high point of your league's opening weekend is that Wake won and comfortably covered the spread against Baylor, you know it's pretty crappy. The football went so poorly even the ACC's pregame skydivers couldn't get things right.

2. Georgia suffered a major blow with the loss of DT Jeff Owens for the year. The lines of scrimmage are huge in any game and the Bulldogs have now lost their best lineman on each side of the ball.

3. The new Tennessee offense will wind up looking a lot like the old Tennessee offense. That's because last night on 25 tries the Volunteer RBs averaged just under 6.5 yards per carry. 41 throws netted an average of 4.5 yards per pass attempted. Fulmer's a control freak to begin with, and new coordinator Dave Clawson's about to learn what UT does when they play UF - tighten up. To lose to UCLA with a third string QB starting and the Bruins losing three offensive starters in the first half is astounding. The fans seem to be taking it well, though. Ok, maybe not.

4. Dave Wannstedt found a way to lose a home game to a MAC team, something Pitt had never done. His team had a 14-0 lead and lost by ten. The guy's amazing - he can go 5-7 with any level of college talent he gets to work with.

5. UF cruised, because Hawaii's really bad. Miami's not much better, but at least there's a rivalry aspect that will make Saturday's game intriguing. Very little else this weekend will have an interesting hook to it - it's one of the dullest weekends of the college football year.

I'm extremely happy Gustav didn't destroy New Orleans further than the previous damage of three years ago. Hopefully there won't be any more scares for them this year. While we all wait out the Hanna news, I give you this look at the potential next vice president of the USA in her previous career.


Anonymous said...

I like it..Palin's got some game! and she's actually got more executive experience than Obama! lol

Jacob86 said...

The ACC is a bad joke.Phil Fullmer will be out at UT after this year, and i am excited about the UF-UM Game this weekend.

Palin is a special woman who will hopefully make history.