Thursday, September 25, 2008

We own the Southern Conference, dadgummit!

FSU takes on Colorado this week in Jacksonville. Naturally, I want CU to pummel them. Seems like it won't bother Bobby Bowden all that much - check out his comments in the Denver Post....

"Mediocrity?" said Bowden, sitting in a hotel lobby last week. "Yeah, we're decent, but we're not in the top echelon. Does it bother me? I don't let it. It's one thing about being my age. Who cares? Hey, I can step out tomorrow and go to the beach."

Uh, yeah. Who cares? If you're an FSU fan, that plus Bobby's continuing to complain about Jeff Bowden being run off as OC (say, how's that job hunt coming for Jeff anyway?) should make you sick. It can't really surprise you, though.

I've always been amazed that fans boo their own team. It seems to be the ultimate counter productive move. If a guy's booing college kids, does he think they're going to actually play harder because they know Joe in row 42 is ticked off? Sure, they work daily for eleven months a year to try and win these games. Their hopes of a pro career may hang in the balance. But hey, now that some dude they've never met is booing it's time to get cracking! Tennessee fans have decided to let it rip on the Vols this year, and look at the productivity it's created for them. Not only is their team still awful, but it appears they've also alienated a top 20 quarterback who had committed to the program. Keep booing, Vol fans!

How entrenched is the bowl system in college football? It's so bad that teams have started accepting bids for bowl games in 2010. If you're a Navy fan, buy your Poinsettia Bowl tickets now!

Notre Dame's football team has already improved this week. Quarterback Jimmy Clausen got a haircut. Whatever that mulletish thing was he had on his head was seriously bad.

Chalk up another red hot showbiz "scoop" for It turns out Warren Sapp is a jerk on Dancing with the Stars when the cameras aren't rolling. Maybe this is shocking news to anyone who has never met or heard of Warren Sapp. He's always put on the big teddy bear routine for national media and been a complete jerk to everyone else in his path. I still remember when Sapp informed a high school coach (who was an invited guest of the team) at a Bucs practice that he was not allowed to look at him, as if Sapp was some sort of royal being.

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