Friday, September 26, 2008

Not going to make a lame Beavers Trojans joke here

There was absolutely no logical reason to expect USC to go down last night. Yes, Oregon State beat them in Corvallis two years ago. Still, the Beavers were 1-2 and had already lost to Stanford and been throttled by Penn State. This is why we watch - you never know for sure. Think Urban Meyer (and every other coach of a quality team) was happy to have that pre-weekend warning for all his players about underestimating your opponent?

Florida should be okay Saturday. Ole Miss is just good enough to be dangerous, but I don't see them playing mistake free football. That's what it would take for them to beat UF. I do expect to see more of Emmanuel Moody carrying the ball early to force people to take the interior run threat other than from Tebow seriously. Hard for me to know what to think about Colorado-FSU. The Buffs typically struggle in Florida, and FSU is getting the rest of the music appreciation Einsteins back from suspension. Hopefully CU takes care of business.

I don't love Tampa Bay's chances against the Packers this weekend, but maybe Monte Kiffin's scheme can confuse a young QB in Aaron Rodgers the way it did a much younger Matt Ryan two weeks ago. Jacksonville should be able to handle Houston despite all the injuries, but this franchise seems to have been a trouble spot for them the last few years.

I want to encourage you to make the time to watch the debate tonight. I was talking with my friend Freddie Wehbe of Gator Dominos last night and learned about two different auto dealerships in Gainesville shutting their doors. Lots of other businesses are hanging by a thread. We're at a critical time right now, and the events of yesterday in Washington made it clear that the posturing by one of the candidates has definitely not helped the situation. Whether both guys show up in Oxford or not and what they have to say should be quite interesting. Yes it stinks that they're having it on a Friday night, but whatever your politics are you need to watch. Have a good weekend and I'll see you back here Monday.

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