Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This may outrage you

When did being outraged about anything and everything posible become a fulltime way of life for so many people? Ed Hochuli blew a critical call in the San Diego-Denver game Sunday. He knows that - he apologized profusely for it. The guy's been a good ref for years, but he screwed up. It happens. Doesn't matter - livid Chargers fans want him disemboweled as part of the next game's halftime show. Tony Kornheiser made a self-deprecating joke about his inability to understand Spanish during the Monday Night Football game this week. He apologized for it later in the game, because there was some concern it might be perceived as derogatory toward Spanish speaking people. The second comment on the blog with that video calls for "the utmost urgency and punishment", even though the person who wrote it can't explain what's supposed to be offensive about the comment. In politics last week we had the great "lipstick on a pig" debate rather than discussion about anything that matters in what clearly is an enormously important election. I'm not sure how we got to this point, but it's really getting old. In life, some things will not be perfect - unless there's evidence someone is genuinely being malicious, accept that and just move on.

Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton needs all the practice time he can get. Unfotunately for the Volunteers, he missed practice yesterday with an ankle inury. This guy is not accurate as a passer and does not make good decisions. If UF keeps the Vols from running all over them, they will win handily.

I'm not a huge fan of Doug Flutie as a commentator, but the guy was a remarkable success story as a quarterback. Now, ten years after Flutie Flakes were all the rage, he's bringing them back. Thi is an easy but effective way for athletes to help out a charity they believe in, and the fans can have fun with it too. I still have a box of Mike Alstott's "A-Train Express" cereal here at the house.

With Notre Dame at Michigan State this week, I wondered what former Spartans coach John L. Smith was doing now. Two years ago his team blew that game against the Fighting Irish with as bad a choke job as you will ever see. I should have known - as of last week Smith's now hosting a sports radio show in Louisville. Everyone thinks they can do my job, until the part where they find out there's actually a little work involved.

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