Friday, August 29, 2008

My eyes hurt

I was already looking forward to getting to Gainesville tonight to host the Gator Nation Tailgate Show (starting at 10AM on the Star 99.5 Saturday) before I went to the NC State-SC game in Columbia last night. The Gamecocks won 34-0, and if you didn't see it you might think it was a smooth ride for Steve Spurrier's team. Instead, Tommy Beecher threw four interceptions and the game was 3-0 at the half. The Wolfpack is astoundingly awful. That first three quarters of football was excruciating to watch. I need to see some well played football just to cleanse my soul after that mess.

We've got our first upset thanks to Stanford's win over Oregon State. Miami cruised against Charleston Southern, as anticipated. The school made up a ridiculous attendance total of 48 thousand, also as anticipated. It appears they decided to count each person when they came in and when they left.

FSU doesn't play until next week, but they may have suffered a noteworthy loss Thursday. Junior college running back Tavares Pressley hurt his knee and was carted off their practice field. No definitive word on his status yet, but they were really hoping he could give them someone competent at the position to push Antone Smith. This sounds bad, although I hope for the kid's sake it isn't.

Tyrone Willingham is going to be fired after this season unless he finds a way to get Washington to a bowl, which is almost impossible given their schedule. He's undoubtedly aware of that, which is probably why he's decided to act like a big jerk toward the media and some UW boosters. Willingham has gone 11-25 at Washington after his dismissal at Notre Dame. He was 11-12 the last two years he was there. The clearly mediocre football coach (one ten win season ever, career record exactly 76-76-1) is hyper paranoid about people spying on his brilliant schemes. Meanwhile Pete Carroll will let anyone come to USC practice and he just keeps winning. Funny how that works.

Pacman Jones gets to play this year in Dallas. This is not a surprise. Proof he's "cleaned up his act" comes in the form of what he was doing when he got the call - eating a chicken sandwich at Hooters. No more strip clubs for him - just lots of double entendres. Perhaps Pacman was hanging with former Auburn running back Kenny Irons, who shares his enjoyment of the chain in this video. (Irons was cut during training camp despite being a second round pick last year - wonder why?) Hopefully Pacman's sandwich was better than the one that gave me food poisoning last year and caused me to miss the 04s press conference to announce their departure.

Campbell's Soup has decided the NFL "team mom" commercials have outlived their usefulness. I always thought it was weird that they wouldn't use the guys actual moms in the spots. Wouldn't it be strange to have people thinking someone you've barely met was your mom? Have a great weekend - if I don't see you in Gainesville, I'll catch you back here Monday.

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