Friday, August 1, 2008

Someone actually voted Colorado as a top 25 team?!

The first coaches poll is out, with Georgia number one as anticipated by most. Florida is at five. A few things stand out immediately. It's a wide open year, with six teams getting three or more first place votes. The SEC has five top 25 teams (and Bama and South Carolina as the first two on the outside looking in) to start. The ACC has three in the top 25, none of which is FSU or Miami. The coaches shouldn't have a poll in the first place, but this is is the one time all year where they may have actually thought about their votes. One strange thing from the poll - no 25th place vote for Duke. Spurrier has always done that, and he has a vote. Some pompous idiots had demanded he stop because of the "integrity of the poll", but I wouldn't have thought he would change because of that.

Well, I THOUGHT the Rays front office had to get them some help at the trade deadline. The Sox get Jason Bay, the Yankees get Pudge, and the Rays... never mind. I understand not wanting to part with hot prospects, but Tampa Bay's team stagnated for several years waiting for guys like Delmon Young and Elijah Dukes to grow up and get their act together. If they fail down the stretch and look like they were too cheap to try and win, the damage this will do to the Rays reputation will be a lot bigger cost than losing their fourth and fifth rated prospects would have been.

This NY Times piece about a new football video system makes it sounds pretty interesting. It was developed as a way to try and help the Nebraska football team originally, but is now being sold on the open market. The part I like is that one of the investors who helped support it's development put in a rule that it could not be made available to Notre Dame or Southern Cal. Every now and then principles do trump money.

Les Miles's close personal friend Snoop Dogg's tour bus got pulled over. Shockingly, two people on the bus were arrested for marijuana posession. Someone would tell Les if they could only get him to turn down "Gin and Juice" blaring in his headphones for a few seconds.

Which sounds like a worse idea right now: Ghostbuters 3 or Austin Powers 4? At least the Ghostbusters idea seems like they'd be trying to mix in new characters for a new era. What the heck happened to Mike Myers to take him from being a funny guy to whatever he is now?

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Jeremiah said...

I have to disagree with you on the Rays trade deadline activity (or lackthereof). I know you've talked about it several times on your show that this organization has mishandled their personnel time and time again....until this year. This year, they've won with their homegrown, young talent, sprinkled in a few vets, and got good character guys to replace the knuckleheads they shipped out in the offseason. Why should they be critized so harshly for trusting the guys they've got and their system? I must be the only one who sees their W-L record as extraordinary because nobody, except for Longoria and Navarro, is hitting right now. Isn't it logical to think that Crawford, Upton, and Pena will start hitting better? If those guys do, and they get anything from Baldelli in the second half, then they'll be even better than they are now.

Also, why should the Rays give up top prospects for a pretty good LF in Bay, then stick him in RF. It's a position he rarely plays, and must not be good at, or the Pirates already would've put him there. They've actually put Doug freakin Mientkiewicz in RF instead of Bay at times this season. He'd be mediocre at best out there, and defense is one of the reasons the Rays are where they are.
Now, if it's Matt Holliday they're trying to get, then fine, they should've given up the prospects, but it wasn't. Apparently, it would've taken trading Price to get Holliday, and that wasn't going to happen.
No, it's Jason Bay, who hit .240 last year. Forgive me for thinking that his presence on the Rays wouldn't have exactly turned them into the '27 Yankees.
Besides, I'm not sure the Sox or Yankees are any better now than they were before the deadline and certainly not before this season started. Jason Bay is NOT Manny Ramirez, and he certainly isn't worth everything the Sox gave up. I know the Sox are thinking addition-by-subtraction, but asking Jason Bay to do what Manny did in that lineup and not miss a beat is ridiculous, and watch what happens to J D Drew now that the pressure is on him to produce.
As for the Yankees, yeah, getting Nady and Pudge were nice, but if you were Brian Cashman and somebody came to you in March and said "We'll give you Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte and Ivan Rodriguez for Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada, Kyle Farnsworth, and prospects, would you do that trade? No, and neither would anybody else except for Billy Beane. The Yankees only made their moves because of those injuries, and at best, Marte-for-Farnsworth is a wash, Pudge-for-Posada is a slight decrease, and Nady-for-Matsui is a big decrease. Yet, everyone LOVES what the Yankees did. I don't get it.