Thursday, August 7, 2008

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

Our long national ordeal is over - Brett Favre is now a New York Jet. I can't emphasize enough how happy I am this circus is not coming to Tampa. I don't believe the Jets will even have a winning record with Favre, which will make this whole chapter even more ugly and embarassing for him. As for the Bucs, they get to start telling Jeff Garcia that he was always their guy. Sure, Jon, you bet.

Still waiting for word on Cornelius Ingram's MRI of his knee. The rumors are bad, and I hope they are inaccurate. Ingram is a great kid who would immediately become the new Ed Chester if he's out for the year. For years, agents used Chester's devastating knee injury as the boogeyman to scare UF players into going pro as early as possible. Let's hope "Don't end up like C.I." isn't their new catchphrase.

A lot was made of Bobby Bowden's comments that "I can't stand hardly anymore" of the mediocre seasons at FSU. It shouldn't have been. Back in 2001 Bobby was claiming he'd leave if they started losing four or five games a year regularly because he just woudn't be able to take that. If FSU wants Bobby to retire, they need to talk Joe Paterno into going first. Good luck with that.

Being a well known former coach, even a bad one, means someone's always willing to pay you. The latest example is Dennis Franchione, who apparently will be working for ESPN Radio. Franchione failed miserably at Texas A&M, didn't stay at Bama long enough to evaluate his performance, and was lucky enough to have LaDainian Tomlinson at TCU. He's well known for being unsually money grubbing even by coaching standards and for always looking for the next job. Expect him to leave for Fox Sports Radio in the middle of the third quarter of his fifth game.

There's a new book coming out about the Dallas Cowboys during their glory years last decade when they could actually win playoff games. It's called Boys Will Be Boys, and it details among other things just how creepy Charles Haley really was. (Warning - there is some graphic description of sexual misbehavior at that link) Haley is one of the legendary nutjobs in sports of the past quarter century, right up there with Kevin Mitchell.

I fervently hope never in my life to be in a position where I'm negotiating a plea deal for anything. Even if it was on a misdemeanor, I'm pretty sure I'd drive a harder bargain than demanding some KFC and a calzone in return for pleading guilty. This murder defendant really enjoys lasagna, apparently.

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