Friday, August 15, 2008

Make the logo $EC and be done with it

The SEC and CBS have signed a fifteen year contract to keep SEC football games on the network. The money isn't known yet, but it's safe to say it will be gigantic. The deal includes basketball as well, but doesn't make it clear if there's any significant upgrade in the number of games CBS will show. The conference still has to decide on whether to create its own network or not. Everything I hear says they won't, but will use it as leverage with ESPN in negotiations. Somehow, the SEC has got to get better basketball distribution than it has right now. It's ridiculous to have one ESPN Tuesday night game a week when the ACC is everywhere.

Forbes says Nick Saban is the most powerful coach in sports. I don't buy that, but the guy gets amazing PR for a completely average coach. Total nine win seasons in his "brilliant" career? Four. He's not even the best coach in the SEC West.

The actual most powerful coach in college football is Pete Carroll. He made USC relevant again after they somehow lost their way for around fifteen years. NFL teams try and lure him back to the league every year, and other schools would kick in a million or two for salary just to get him out of the college game. Even Carroll can do little, though, against the heartache that is jock itch.

Mayor Oscar Goodman suggests his city should build an eighty thousand seat football stadium. Coming from the mayor of Los Angeles, this makes decent sense. Unfortunately, Goodman is the mayor of Las Vegas. His idea is that the stadium will host every Monday Night Football game and the Super Bowl each year. Sure, why not? It's not like other cties will want to keep those games anyhow. Might as well add the return of Christ and the Beatles reunion concert to the future event bookings for the stadium too.

Possibly the most famous sports radio show in history has broken up. Chris Russo has parted ways with WFAN in New York, leaving the Mike and the Mad Dog show down one dog. Russo will be replaced by Terry Norvelle until he bails out around Labor Day.

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Jeremiah said...

BURN! Good one, Heath. You mean leaving a show and a station after barely being there for two months is considered unprofessional?? No way!

I'm sure it'd be a nightmare to try and do through the blog and your e-mail and you've probably got better things to do (like spending time with your wife and doing your job in two different states), but any plans of doing the Dog Day picks this year, even if it's just for fun?