Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jim Cantore on TV is never good news

Glad to see that so far Fay has not risen to the level of strength which had been feared. Fortunately, it's stayed away from Tampa. I've been extremely concerned for a while now about what will happen when a hurricane inevitably strikes there one day. The area's incredibly poorly prepared for such a situation. If you're being affected by Fay, please be careful.

Big pickup for Tennessee today, as tight end Brandon Warren has been approved by the NCAA to play for the Vols this year. Warren is a really talented player, and while there were questions about whether UT was involved in something fishy to get him away from FSU he will unquestionably help their passing game.

Kyle Orton will begin the year as starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears instead of Rex Grossman. This was treated like big news, but I doubt it means too much. The Bears will struggle with Orton, and inevitably they will turn to Rex again. It's doubtful he'll make a giant difference either. The Bears don't have enough playmakers, their first round pick is already a flop, and the offensive coordinator is a career mediocrity who somehow keeps getting jobs despite never succeeding at any of them. I like Grossman, but if he's going to succeed in the NFL he needs to go somewhere else. Maybe with lower expectations and a different guy developing him, it will work out.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been wrecked the past few years by repeated arrests and discipline problems. They finally drew the line a few months ago, letting talented wide receiver Chris Henry go after yet another brush with the law. Idiots, even really talented idiots, would no longer be tolerated in Cincinnati! But now a few receivers have gotten hurt, so Chris Henry's been brought back. Very impressive stand, guys. You can pencil the Bengals in for 6-10 right now.

Some college presidents have taken a stand that it's time to reevaluate the drinking age. I'd like to see it, because it would allow more focus on dealing with people who have problems and less on busting people for the simple act of having alcohol. If we can send 18 year olds to fight in Iraq, I'm guessing 20 year olds can handle a few bottles of Coors.

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