Monday, August 25, 2008

Shouldn't Shannon be suspended a game for lying about Walter Odom?

Sorry for no post on Friday - turned out to be a busier day than I anticipated. Hope your weekend was a good one, although given Fay's continuing fallout I know it hasn't been for a lot of those who read this.

It is finally, mercifully, game week for almost everyone in college football. While I'm looking forward to covering both NC State at South Carolina and Hawaii at UF, there will be considerably more angles for me to work with on the pregame show for the Thursday game. Here's a pretty thorough look at the last minute position switches for Hawaii. Their rookie "starting" QB has arm issues, they're down to one healthy running back with any experience, and the game kicks off at 6:30 AM Hawaii time. This is not going to be pretty.

Miami's Randy Shannon lays down the law to his players, with seven of them missing that critical opening matchup Thursday night against Charleston Southern. All the public preening about high standards would impress me a little more if a single one of those kids was going to miss the Florida game. Canes starting QB Robert Marve is one of the suspended guys, meaning the opposing quarterback in each of UF's opening two games will be taking their first ever NCAA snap in the Swamp.

As soon as the word came down that Osi Umenyiora of the Giants was out for the season with a knee injury, any NFL fan had to wonder how long it would take for Michael Strahan to start floating rumors of a possible comeback. Answer: less than twelve hours. Giving big money to a 37 year old with a huge ego who's already launched his post-NFL media career and hasn't been training is not likely to work out well. If New York does this, they will wish they hadn't.

NFL teams are trimming rosters for the first time this training camp, and I wish I could say I was surprised the San Francisco 49ers cut Joe Cohen this weekend. I'd be lying, though, because I never expected him to have an NFL future while he was at UF. Cohen was a fourth rounder last year but spent the season on IR with a torn ACL. He was never a great college player, but teams are always looking for help at defensive tackle and Cohen had a good workout at the Combine. It wound up making him around a half million dollars (prior to taxes and agent fees). The big cuts are coming Friday and Saturday - 22 guys per team go then and there will undoubtedly be some familiar names in that group as well.

Can't wait for the new Ben Folds album Way to Normal to come out on September 30. You might think you've already gotten to hear about half of the album on the web somewhere. You're wrong, but the story behind what you may have heard is pretty cool.

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