Friday, August 8, 2008

Get well soon, Cornelius

I hated to hear the news about Cornelius Ingram's ACL tear for several reasons. As someone who had a torn ACL myself, I remember how frustrating the process of rehab and recovery was just to be some random schlub walking around. Now add on the pressure of your entire career depending on not only successfully rehabbing, but not losing any athletic ability as you do do. Even if you accomplish that, you have to mentally regroup and not let fear of reinjuring the knee affect you when you're about to go across the middle. That shouldn't be too hard, right? I hope for Ingram's sake everything works out well. As for UF, Ingram is one of the two best offensive leaders. He helped guys like Deonte Thompson a lot last year. Not having him on the field will be a major loss, but hopefully he can still contribute in the locker room.

The Olympics begin tonight. I should care, I guess, but I just don't. I can't truly be confident any swimmer or track athlete is legit and not doping. That's unfair, but too many have gone down that path and there's no way to tell who has or hasn't at this point. The basketball team is still a bunch of pros who may or may not care any given day. They don't show archery on TV. A lifelong American citizen not of Russian descent is playing for the Russian women's basketball team. The host country is run by an oppressive government and has disastrous levels of pollution. I'm just not feeling it - hopefully the games will at least go off without incident.

The NCAA has been hard on successful amateur athletes for years. Guys like former Iowa quarterback Drew Tate who had good fortune have had to choose between keeping their prizes but becoming an instant "pro" or giving back anything they won despite having earned it fairly. Turns out Tate should have just played Lotto. An Ohio offensive lineman did, won 172 thousand bucks after taxes, and the NCAA can'l do anything about it.

On a personal note, the first full ratings book here in Columbia came out today. My show is number one in its time spot with men 25-54, the demographic sports radio targets, and number one with people over eighteen as well. The ratings for my last Gainesville book were excellent. It was satisfying to know as I left that I had the highest rated sports talk show in the city. I did not expect the same success here so early, but I'll certainly take it and be grateful to the audience. Hope you have a great weekend.

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Surly New Yorker said...

Congratulations on being #1. Go Heath!