Monday, August 18, 2008

Wish I could have seen Coughlin's face

I was in Gainesville this weekend, the first time I've had a chance to cover a practice this fall. Considering how banged up the team is, they seem to be in a pretty positive frame of mind right now. The fact that their first two games are against Hawaii and Miami, "name" teams although not good ones this year, appears to have helped. Combined, those two teams got one vote in the AP poll over the weekend. It wasn't the Canes who got it.

Speaking of Hawaii, they're coming into the Swamp next Saturday led by a starting quarterback who's got a grand total of one year playing 11 man football. This is not going to end well for the Warriors.

Unfortunately, we won't see many more of these early nonconference games against a opponent with at least a little credibility at Florida Field. When the price for Florida Atlantic to show up and lose at your place without a return game is up to 900 thousand, UF fans can count on being served up more Western Carolina level games in their future.

I meant to get to this last week. Someone actually tried to blackmail Tom Coughlin with a false accusation that he had a sexual encounter with two women. Having covered Coughlin in Jacksonville, I can honestly say this might have been the single least believable person in the entire sports world a guy could try to make this claim about. Coughlin is so obsessed with football that he wouldn't even notice the outfits while watching the Lingerie Bowl.

A new reality TV show called Gadget or the Girl gives guys the choice between spending a weekend in some presumably nice destination with a Playboy model or getting some unknown eletronic device. I believe anyone who goes to NYC and attempts to eat at the Olive Garden in Times Square rather than one of the thousands of great local Italian places there should be humanely trapped and then deported to the Connecticut suburbs where they will be safe. Likewise, anyone given access to a guarunteed weekend with someone like UF alum Lauren Anderson (all pics are safe) who instead will take his chances hoping he gets an Iphone needs serious help.

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