Thursday, July 31, 2008

Les Miles izzle an idiotizzle

Colege football needs to start right now. When Les Miles is extolling the character of Snoop Dogg in public, things have officially gotten too weird.

“I defend his music, and am much more a fan of the person.” said Miles.

Snoop Dogg has acknowledged working as a pimp and been involved with porn videos, has three arrests for marijuana and weapons posession within the past two years alone, and isn't even allowed in the UK or Australia right now due to his criminal record. I can see why Les thinks he's a great guy. Meanwhile, NC State's Tom O'Brien has acknowledged his love of ABBA. Get these guys back on the field before they hurt themseles.

I lost all confidence in Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen's ability to run the Buccaneers when they totally blew the John Lynch situation. I understood there were salary cap issues and some questions about Lynch pyhsically, but the guy is a total class act. He'd been a cornerstone of their defense for a decade and a standout public face for the franchise. Lynch deserved far better than a 7 AM "by the way we're cutting you" phone call. It was proof they had no idea how to deal with people. It was also proof they're not terribly good at evaluating talent, since after four Pro Bowl years in Denver Lynch may now retire. Notice the difference in the way the Broncos are handling this? Lynch has a shot at Canton eventually, and he'll be a great broadcaster if he's interested in doing that.

Former FSU AD Dave Hart has resurfaced as the number two man at Alabama. Mal Moore can't be the AD there forever, so this may well be an audition for the big job. Hart actually accomplished some things at FSU, improving their facilities and making their non revenue sports much better. He never got to hire a football or baseball coach, though, and went 0 for 2 on basketball hires. Hart also had a cold fish persona that rubbed a lot of people in Tallahassee the wrong way. The spanking Spurrier comments and NCAA tournament whining were embarassing. If he acts the same way at Alabama, he won't be there long.

MLB trading deadline is today. Griffey's supposedly on the way to Chicago, but I'll be watching the Rays and Marlins. Does this Manny Ramirez rent a player deal go down or not? If so, the Rays probably get Jason Bay from the Pirates. If not, Adam Dunn likely comes instead. They can not go into that locker room in St. Pete today and tell the guys, "Sorry, we couldn't get you any help."

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