Monday, July 28, 2008

What about Brett Fav-re?

It's been nice to have a couple of nights in my own bed again after getting back from media days. Blog readership seems to have surged recently - if you're a listener or an old friend who's stumbled across this on the internet, feel free to email and say hi.

This week practice starts for just about everyone in Division 1, so things will get interesting on the college scene quickly. Meanwhile, the first preseason NFL action is just six days away. Maybe Brett Favre will be a Buccaneer QB by then - either way, you can count on all the talk being about him. This crap has gotten really old, really fast. The guy's 3-6 in the playoffs for the past DECADE - let me repeat that, Favre has one more playoff win than the supposedly incompetent Rex Grossman in the past decade. Go away!

Exactly how can Randy Shannon try to sell Miami Hurricanes fans the idea that their program was in worse shape than he realized when he took over as coach, when he was on the staff the entire time? Last year he kept blaming all their problems on the older guys, as if he had nothing to do with recruiting any of them either. Shouldn't someone point out to Shannon that if Miami only beating Nevada 21-20 at a bowl game in BOISE didn't clue him into the fact the Canes weren't too good anymore, maybe he's not observant enough to be their coach?

ESPN teed off on Penn State's program yesterday morning over the number of arrests they've had in recent years. Joe Paterno handled it as he always does any kind of criticism - complain about it, then ignore it. A showdown is coming soon in State College. President Spanier got a contract extension, so he's got leverage. Greg Schiano will be available in a year. Paterno thinks he's untouchable, but even Woody Hayes eventually got fired at Ohio State.

Apparently I should have been an artist. True, I have absolutely no artistic ability whatsoever, but I'm sure I could come up with several ideas at least as stupid as a giant floating banana over Texas. I definitely could fail to follow through and keep the cash I was given to build it.

Did you ever eat any of these cereals when you were a kid? While I remember Mr. T and C-3POs, the onetime existence of "Grins&Smiles&Giggles&Laughs" or "Mr. Wonderfull's Surprize" was news to me. Once upon a time something like Cookie Crisp seemed like a great idea. Now, I eat my Golden Grahams or Honey Bunches of Oats and I'm good, thanks.

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gatorgatorgator1 said...

Heard that Terry Norvelle is moving to the new 1010XL (Jax)FM next week and will be leaving 99.5 The Star. Is there any chance @ all that we can get the Heath Cline Show back in Gainesville @ 99.5? Thanks..